Over But Not Out

Secrets Are Rarely Secret for Long

We knew this day would come.  Whatever the form, we four editors, the close contributors, the many commentors and the legions of the just-plain curious – we all knew that eventually there would be something that felt like an end.

Except, once again, this case has defied our expectations.  Once again, we have less of an end and more of a slow fade.

Not like this is new ground.  Years ago, in the lead up to the criminal trial, many hoped that the authorities, the larger DC gay community or even this raggedy band of trouble-makers could help crack open the silence of 1509 to get someone, perhaps even one of the defendants, to spill just enough.

We hung wanted posters (which the DCMPD never did), we consulted outside forensics analysts, and introduced ourselves to many who probably wished we would just go away.  We tried tricks old and new, orthodox and otherwise, to get Robert’s unsolved murder in front of as many eyes as possible.  And at least some of them didn’t turn away.

The media, too, began to look closer and began picking up threads, working to tie them together into some sort of narrative that…well, tried to make sense.  A lot of good journalism was committed, but leading to no more clarity than before.  At times, the closer we looked at the case, the evidence and the questions,  the blurrier the picture became.   A puzzle where none of the pieces seemed to fit.

We all learned a new game – the Paper Trail – which taught many of us the ins and outs of legal process.  Many online and off were helpful – make that indispensable.   And with their help, we also learned that a trial isn’t about finding right or wrong, or establishing justice – the winning side isn’t always the one with the facts, or even the right one, just the most clever.

When the trial came last summer, we swamped Moultrie and gave Judge Leibovitz and the legal teams the audience of a lifetime.  Each word, each advance or setback for the defense or the prosecution, each scolding from the bench and legal joust was noted, documented, recorded and then poured over.  Even when things we all knew about came up in court and we were ordered to close our eyes and pretend we didn’t hear what we just heard, we noted it here.  Point of fact: we’re hard pressed to imagine anything that we know, or may know, or even suspect, that hasn’t been debated and argued about.

Which leads us to this: there is a lingering sense that somewhere in here – hidden in the nearly 600 posts and nearly 50,000 comments – lives the truth.  Someone, somewhere in these pages picked the lock.  But its discovery will have to wait.

For the moment, Kathy Wone’s truth is that the settlement will allow her to move on and for Robert’s trust to do a lot of good work, and that the secrets so tightly held by Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward will cause each of them to rot from the inside out.  Judge Leibovitz’ truth is that she delivered a verdict she appears very much not to have wanted to reach.

Dylan Ward’s truth is that he is back doing massage therapy in Florida – perhaps helped, here and there, with cash from Dr. Ward.  For the curious, enter “massage miami dylan ward” into a google search bar and you’ll be a few clicks away from his new website.

Joseph Price’s truth is that he’s hoping to successfully pass the Florida bar; we were told he was studying for it and were told by others that the state’s cattle call exam was conducted a couple weeks ago.   Victor Zaborsky’s truth is that he and his family took an immense hit to the pocket book and life savings.  Zaborsky has been popping up again here and there related to the “Got Milk?” campaign, and that the entire world heard in court testimony that his husband, Joe Price, didn’t really love or respect him enough to stay with him.  There’s another truth for the larger Price-Zaborsky family, two young kids who will someday soon be aware of the events of the last five years – two more innocent victims to add to the list.

But there is another truth.  “This remains a very active investigation,” says DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier.   Kathy Wone says the same thing.  So does the U.S. Prosecutor’s office.

And so do we.

So we are not shutting down.  We are not going quiet, or fading away, although some would wish it.  This project will not become another memorial to Robert Wone – if you’re looking for that, try the Robert Eric Wone Trust. In fact, it’s time to cut another check.  There’s no better time to help multiply the dollars that the Swann Streeters will be pouring into it. It may sound cliche, but it’s for a good cause. There is no better way to honor the good deeds of a good man – a man who brought many people together in life and continues to after his passing.

There is still a lot the four of us can add about what this meant to us personally, but it may take some time to step back and look at the last two and a half years through wider lenses. The relationships we’ve made will remain the most important to us and there are too many to thank by name because we’re bound to leave someone special off the list.  But you know who you are and it may come as no surprise, but case principals ‘know’ who you are too – every word that many of you  wrote in the comments sections over the years was read by the various legal teams, and we were told directly how important the analysis was to the investigation and case.  They knew you by your screen names and were fans of your writing, theories and dedication.   We’re especially grateful to those who worked with us offline and three come to mind:

Themis was with us for the criminal phase of the case and got us smart on what would lay ahead at the trial. She made the time while visiting DC to meet with us, and of all the trips we’ve taken to 1509 (which was just sold), it was perhaps the most memorable. After the summer verdict she moved on with her life as many will do now, but we’ll never forget her dedication to justice.

Chilaw79 was a late arrival to the in-house counsel team but made a tremendous impact before her sudden and untimely passing.

Chip English was also a member of the in-house counsel who peeled off from the group to take a more public role representing us.

We’re also in debt to Leah Gurowitz and Tom Feeney of the DC Courts for credentialing us at last summer’s trial and treating us as journalists. We saw them yesterday at a conference of court public information officers and we were honored to speak on a panel with another journalist as well as Judge Lynn Leibovitz.  The remarks were off the record, but perhaps at some point in the next week or two we can share our thoughts on the event without violating any of the confidentiality agreements we made in order to participate.

We can’t say right now what the posting frequency will be here, perhaps a series of open threads to continue the discussion as orderly as WordPress will allow.  But unseen, activity will continue – we will continue to speak with outside analysts.  We will continue to talk to people here in DC and elsewhere who may know something.  We will continue to focus on taking the hundred puzzling pieces and fitting them together.

And we never tire of this song, whether it’s Satchmo’s original or one of our favorite covers. Maestro, one more time please!

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  1. Bill 2
    08/11/2011 at 11:29 AM

    “We are not going quiet, or fading away, although some would wish it.”

    Thank your for that message Doug. You guys have been doing a great job. No doubt, many are glad that your work will continue.

  2. TT
    08/11/2011 at 11:45 AM

    Thanks Editors for your dedication and hard work.

  3. Jeana
    08/11/2011 at 12:16 PM

    Although this will not be my last visit to WMRW nor is it likely to be my last comment, I feel this is a good time not only to thank the editors for their tireless efforts, dedication and talent, but to share some thoughts on what this site has meant to me, personally.

    I was drawn to this site as a lawyer and mystery aficionado. I was not disappointed on either level. The quality of legal commentary has been outsanding – even among those who disagreed – exemplified by the patience and willingness of the attorney commenters not only to address, but even to research, questions and/or misapprehensions of those unschooled in or confused by tshe intricacies of the legal issues.

    The case itself – the clues, the characters, the sex, the relationships, the quandaries – is fascinating. I only wish, for the sakes of Robert and Kathy Wone, that it were fiction rather than reality.

    But I think the thing that has most affected me personally is that it has brought me in closer contact with the gay community. I have never been homophobic, just a hetero who didn’t know many gays. I have truly enjoyed spending time with you.

    • 08/11/2011 at 12:47 PM

      Hi Jeana:

      What a kind and thoughtful post. Thank you for letting the sunshine in!

  4. 08/11/2011 at 12:28 PM

    GREAT article Doug et al….The video still breaks my heart

  5. Z
    08/11/2011 at 1:26 PM

    You’ll notice that Dylan is pictured and not named on his website. There are also a number of satisfied customer reviews that come up on a google search.

  6. Bea
    08/11/2011 at 1:43 PM

    To the Eds: my undying respect and appreciation. You did the world a “solid” to quote my teen pals.

    As to Dyl’s website, his name is absent as Z noted, and I wonder if the pic of him massaging a man is Joe (though he seems too thin). But in the “testimonials” on the site and on Yelp, one from Jay.P and another from FLA_Joe is pretty obviously Joe since “he” also reviews DC haunts AND TRASHES another competing massage place nearby. Always a gent!!

    • AnnaZed
      08/11/2011 at 3:42 PM

      Oh my, FLA_Joe, keeping it ever classy.

    • Bill 2
      08/11/2011 at 6:13 PM

      His “studio” is on the 2nd floor of a Miami Beach business – a pilates studio is on the first floor. Ward’s “studio” looks to be 1-1/2 rooms divided by a white shower curtain. It appears that the window has some white fabric tacked on it. There’s no sign of a chair for customers to sit while signing up for services. Mattress is on the floor. There are some nice photos on his website. Was that same camera aimed in the direction of Robert Wone on August 2nd, 2006, or is this a newer model?

      • susan
        08/11/2011 at 9:17 PM

        Dear Editors,

        Thanks for sticking with the good fight. I am reminded of two sayings (which I believe are bibllical but could just as well be from general literature or philosophy):He Who Destroys a Single Life Destroys an Entire World, and Justice, Justice Shalt Thou Pursue. Pretty universal and says a lot about this case and this site.

        I think of another saying, too (this one from Jesse Jackson, who is a bit of a disappointment but coined this great phrase): Keep Hope Alive! This blog does just that.

        About D. Ward’s webpage. Please excuse me, but the image of him standing over a man who was lying with his face down while manipulating the man. Pretty eerie.

        Another thought: From those discovery meetings with the attys from both sides one would get the impression these guys were starving, not running businesses outside of the home.

        And, nice to see D has expanded his clientele to include women or at least feature them on his website. Or maybe partner “Andrea” handles those clients.

        • Linda S.
          08/12/2011 at 3:56 PM

          Where is Mark Fuhrman when you need him? He could solve this in a week and he could write one helluva good book about the case.

      • TT
        08/12/2011 at 7:48 AM

        Can someone post the link to Ward’s massage “business”. Did the search on Goggle and did not find it, thanks.

        • Z
          08/12/2011 at 8:08 AM

          search “pure energy massage” along with Miami

          • TT
            08/12/2011 at 10:13 AM

            Thanks Z…seeing that left me feeling nauseous.

            • Clio
              08/12/2011 at 11:24 PM

              I found Dyl’s site to be both consciously boring and, perhaps, a welcome sign of his maturity since the murder. For any gay man with a pulse, it does not conjure up pure energy. Adding women to the site is an obvious cockblock, and, if he did have Joe pose with a towel in that picture, that is another. And, having Joe write puff reviews is downright tacky. Blue (background) on blue, heartache to heartache, as the bad Bobby Vinton tune went: yawn!

  7. boofocion
    08/11/2011 at 1:46 PM

    From a very deep personal level, I just need to ask myself this question: how can you love someone you have never even known and whom you only heard about several years after his death? You, WMRW Editors and many posters, have brought that about: Robert Wone’s glorious memory.

    On another matter; you note that JP has sat for the July Florida Bar examination. From personal knowledge, let me assure you that passing the bar exam in FL gets you about 1/10th of the way to admission to practice law there. The bar-admission committee’s character evaluation is unbelivably thorough; they investigate everything you’ve ever done or even thought about doing. Been there, done that! Though JP will undoubtedly have great references from his W&M professors/contacts, his previous employers, his pro bono experiences and such, his extra-legal activities during the past several years will fuel questionaires from the bar’s committee for months, even perhaps years. Granted, JP is presumably still in good standing with the DC bar (and VA bar?); however that in and of itself carries little weight with the FL Bar, whose mission is to weed out the undesirables from the North who want to cash in on FL’s lucrative business while basking in its sunshine. Good luck, JP; yea, right.

    • Clio
      08/21/2011 at 11:11 PM

      A little bird just told me that Mr. Price has recently solicited recommenders for this survey that contains such queries like whether or not one knows about any traffic tickets, etc. that the applicant may have. One wonders if any of the Price patrons will reference this weblog in their answers. If they did so, how would that influence Joe’s chances of success?

      • Bea
        08/22/2011 at 2:01 AM

        I’ve wondered if any of the prosecutors in the criminal trial, or Kathy Wone herself, have taken upon themselves to write to the Florida Bar Examiners to raise this issue. They are concerned with matters of “moral turpitude” and while there has been no guilty verdict in a criminal court, certainly with the settlement of the civil case and the dicta in Judge L’s opinion, one could write a well reasoned letter simply to inform the Bar Examiners of the matter so they can make their own decision. . .

        • 08/29/2011 at 12:54 PM


          As has been pointed out on here several times in the past, the Florida Bar Examiners don’t allow people to practice in their state without a vigorous review of their past. Too many people want to practice law in the Sunshine State, and the State wants to protect those attorneys practicing there from too much competition and to keep “undesirables” out.

          However, there are certain standards that have to apply, and some constitutional protections to those who would like to practice law there.

          I personally believe that the Florida Bar Examiners should, and likely will, receive all information regarding the criminal and civil trials. They have to make a call on his admission and there has to be some fairness applied.

          It would be hard, I believe, to be banned from practicing in Florida on the basis that you were found not guilty in a criminal trial and that you settled a civil trial. We can be assured that in agreeing to the settlement, all parties signed a settlement agreement and release wherein it states that everyone understands that the settlement is NOT an acknowledgment of any wrongdoing on the part of the defendants, and that the parties agree to settle to simply “buy their peace.” [this is standard language here, don’t know about Wash DC).

          The fact that Joe is gay should, of course, be no issue, and what he does in his private life with consulting adults, as long as he is not breaking any laws, should also not be an issue.

          Certainly, the porn on the work computer, etc. could be examined, as well as his reputation as an attorney and partner at his firm.

          My best guess, and it is only a guess, is that Joe will likely be licensed in Florida, if he passes the bar tests. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe sues the State if he is not licensed there (such lawsuits are not uncommon, but the State, of course, is allowed great discretion by the courts in these types of matters).

          • Bea
            08/29/2011 at 5:06 PM

            You may be right, Bruce, in that it’s easier for the Florida bar to let him in. But if Kathy Wone writes a from-the-heart and properly worded letter, with attachments from Judge L’s opinion, the Bar will open an investigation. Different states have different standards, it seems to me – I had a friend with a 20 year old DUI (from his early 20s) and he had a lot of hassles in CA to get through. Granted, it was a conviction and Joe has none, but the “moral turpitude” involved has a grander scale attached to it. I’m not saying the investigation would result in him being ineligible but they may make him go through interviews and then have their eyes on him.

            • 08/30/2011 at 3:49 PM

              You may also be right, Bea, as these are all guesses. I, frankly, get a little concerned at the phrase “moral turpitude,” as I believe that it has been applied in the past through history, with some very unjust results, looking at it from a 2011 perspective.

              You don’t define or set parameters for the “moral turpitude” phrase you use, and it is certainly possible that if the Florida Bar Examiners use that phrase that they define it in some way. Anyone have easy access to that information?

              I’m sure that you don’t mean any legal lifestyle issues when you use the phrase “moral turpitude,” such as being gay or living in an unusual, but legal, arrangement with two other men. Or the apparently vast consensual sexual history of Joe, by itself.

              I do think that the porn on the work computer is something that the Bar Examiners might look at.

              But, frankly, and I know this is not a popular idea, in my opinion, I don’t think that Florida can bar Joe on the following:

              -being in a house where a murder occurred, since the criminal trial ended in a not guilty finding, and the civil trial ended in a settlement where all parties agreed that the settlement should not be viewed as an admission of guilt or fault on the part of Joe.

              -being gay or living in a trouple, or having consensual sex that may be viewed by the majority of people as unusual, but which is not against the law.

              -raising the 5th Amendment, which was Joe’s right under the Constitution.

              If you would be kind enough to define or set forth some examples of what you consider “moral turpitude” in your recent posts, I may be able to respond more specifically and more intelligently.

              • Bea
                08/30/2011 at 4:45 PM

                Here are the Florida bar rules:

                What is disqualifying conduct?
                Pursuant to rule 3-11 a record manifesting a lack of honesty, trustworthiness, diligence, or reliability may constitute a basis for denial of admission. Any of the following may be considered by the board to be a basis for further inquiry before recommending admission:

                Unlawful conduct
                Academic misconduct
                Making or procuring any false or misleading statement or omission of relevant information, including any false or misleading statement or omission on the Bar Application, or any amendment, or in any testimony or sworn statement submitted to the board
                Misconduct in employment
                Acts involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation
                Abuse of legal process
                Financial irresponsibility
                Neglect of professional obligations
                Violation of an order of a court
                Evidence of mental or emotional instability
                Evidence of drug or alcohol dependency
                Denial of admission to the bar in another jurisdiction on character and fitness grounds
                Disciplinary action by a lawyer disciplinary agency or other professional disciplinary agency of any jurisdiction
                Any other conduct which reflects adversely upon the character and fitness of the applicant

                Return to top
                How does the board determine the appropriate weight and significance to be given the prior conduct?
                As required by rule 3-12, the board will use the following factors in assigning weight and significance to prior conduct:

                Applicant’s age at the time of the conduct
                Recency of the conduct
                Reliability of the information concerning the conduct
                Seriousness of the conduct
                Factors underlying the conduct
                Cumulative effect of conduct or information
                Evidence of rehabilitation (rule 3-13)
                Applicant’s positive social contributions since the conduct
                Applicant’s candor in the admissions process
                Materiality of any omissions or misrepresentations

                Bruce, obviously it’s the wiggle room that would allow the Bar Examiners to take a closer look.

                Employment misconduct? S&M photos on your work computer in violation of policy as a partner (and the Arent process as to any initial denials or statements made). Using AF email to “send” or “receive” these.

                Other stuff: finding of illegal drugs at Swann.

                Judge L’s opinion:
                I am persuaded by all of this evidence that Mr. Price very likely tampered with and
                altered the murder weapon, and that he lied about his conduct in this regard to police with obstructive purpose, although I conclude that I cannot fairly find this beyond a reasonable doubt. I say this after lengthly consideration of this issue, because I conclude that I do not know enough specifically about what Mr. Price did at the crime scene with respect to the knife – what he wiped – or about why he did it. I have no direct evidence that Mr. Price did anything to the handle and can only suppose because he was so focused on fingerprints in his statements that he intended to remove fingerprints from it.

                Despite my conclusions that the knife blade was wiped
                along the sharp edge, it is the case that wiping the blade only would have been of little value to
                someone trying to destroy evidence. In addition, there was no expert testimony regarding this factual scenario, and the government has never adopted this theory in its prosecution.

                With respect to the government’s claim that Mr. Price wiped blood from the victim’s body, there is evidence in his own admission to Ms. Ragone that he did. The physical evidence
                at the crime scene coupled with Mr. Price’s statements to others suggested variously that Mr.
                Price may have – albeit briefly applied pressure to the wounds as he had been directed, or that
                he may have wiped the body for reasons that are unclear. Dr. Lee opined and the evidence showed that the towel recovered from the floor had a discernible blood stain on it that could have
                resulted from some application of pressure with the heel or four fingers of the hand to the
                wounds. The government’s observation that there is not very much blood in that particular stain is correct. However, this evidence appears to be more or less consistent with the testimony of all of the medical and forensic pathology experts that Mr. Wone’s injuries resulted in extensive internal bleeding, but very limited external bleeding. More cannot be said on this record about how much blood should have been on Mr. Wone, on the towel, or elsewhere on the scene.

                On the current record, I cannot firmly conclude that Mr. Price wiped blood from the body, as opposed to applying pressure to the wounds, although it is probable in light of his statements that he did wipe the body. While there is some evidence supplied by Mr. Zaborsky’s
                statements that a second towel may have been used at some point, this statement was not admitted for its truth against Mr. Price, and there is no physical evidence that any other, much
                more bloody, towel was in fact used or disposed of. Moreover, I cannot find that, if Mr. Price
                did wipe the body, he did so in an effort to alter the scene or destroy evidence. It is unclear that
                wiping blood from Mr. Wone’s body could accomplish any particular obstructive purpose, something the government conceded in closing argument.

                Additionally, I find that it is likely Mr. Price actually pulled the weapon from the victim’s chest, based upon his own statements to others and intentionally omitted this fact from his
                statements to police as well. But I cannot say why he pulled the knife from the chest if he did so, or that his reasons for failing to tell police about it if he did were to obstruct justice rather than
                cover for a reflexive act he knew later would make him look foolish. The government conceded
                in closing argument that the latter motive would not support a conviction for tampering with
                evidence or obstruction of justice.
                I conclude therefore that my findings regarding this discrete set of acts, that is, Mr. Price’s handling of the knife, towel and blood at the crime scene and his statements about this to
                police, do not, by themselves, establish proof beyond a reasonable doubt of obstruction of justice.

                Couple that with her “math problem” AND that “Mr. Price
                was consistently arrogant, unconcerned, flippant, aggressive, selfcentered
                and dismissive” and “probably hiding things” – and this in relation to a murder victim who was a friend and member of the bar – I think there’s plenty to at least investigate the last bullet point: “Any other conduct which reflects adversely upon the character and fitness of the applicant.”

                Bruce, of course, being gay, it’s absurd to think Joe’s moral turpitude is in question because he was gay (though his attorneys played the ‘gay victim’ card). Nor do I care about the nature of his two relationships (despite use of the “trouple” nomenclature, it seems to me that Joe had two spouses) or sex life, including BDSM. To point out that he was in the home while someone was murdered is almost comedy – as though the highly suspect circumstances are trivial or unimportant.

                I’m not saying that Joe meets or doesn’t meet the Florida standard of “high moral character” but I certainly think one could make a very good argument that he is not of high moral character based on ACTIONS and INACTIONS associated with his behavior that night and that which followed.

                FYI, I can’t really comment on whether his refusing to answer discovery by invoking the 5th could be considered by the Bar Examiners – maybe in context of the rest, and one possible piece of the puzzle that is Joe Price.

                • 08/30/2011 at 4:59 PM

                  Wow, Bea:

                  Thanks for all the info. The phrase that you point out:

                  “Any other conduct which reflects adversely upon the character and fitness of the applicant.”

                  …certainly gives the Board of Examiners a broad scope in determning whether JP can practice there.

                  It may be a prolonged investigation, and it is difficult to forecast the result.

                  • Bea
                    08/30/2011 at 5:30 PM

                    Thanks, Bruce. If the Bar Examiners are inclined to “make Joe dance” then it does seem to me, too, that they can do so. I had a law school classmate in the midwest who’d been arrested protesting the opening of a nuclear power plant and they made HER be interviewed THE DAY BEFORE THE EXAM. They have loads of power if they choose to use it.

          • Bill Orange
            08/30/2011 at 8:20 AM

            If you can offer a counter-argument here, I’d be happy to listen to it, but I feel obligated to point out that Joe Price is not going to be able to successfully sue anyone on any matter that is even tangentially related to the murder of Robert Wone. You can’t sue someone and then repeatedly invoke the fifth amendment when asked if you stabbed someone to death. It works if you’re the defendant, but not if you’re the plaintiff.

            I agree that he’s probably going to get licensed, and I think it’s really a disgrace, not because he was found not guilty in a criminal trial, but because I think the Bar really should ask appropriate follow-up questions to “irregularities” in someone’s past, and I think appropriate follow-up questions would be, “How, exactly, were you involved in the murder of Robert Wone? Were you merely an innocent bystander, or were you an active participant?”

            • Bea
              08/30/2011 at 4:11 PM

              Agree Bill O. The Bar Examiners won’t go out on a ledge like that to push the issue. Still, I’d like some preliminary investigation . . .

  8. boofoc
    08/11/2011 at 1:50 PM

    Don’t know how my handle got misspelled above; it’s boofoc.

  9. Rick
    08/11/2011 at 2:06 PM

    I will continue to visit this site, and appreciate all of you for the interest you generated in this sad story, and all the many comments that enlightened me just a bit on how the legal system works.
    Rick in NC

  10. Bea
    08/11/2011 at 4:23 PM

    So true, AZ. Not enough to write a fake good review – must trash the competition! Honor and integrity – never!

  11. Hoya Loya
    08/11/2011 at 5:48 PM

    Nice post Doug. Robert lived an admirable life and did not deserve to die as he did. That the crime remains unsolved and the killer unprosecuted five long years later adds insult to injury. That his friends aren’t talking — we can all draw our own conclusions. Kathy certainly has.

    Thanks to this site, I learned about Robert’s accomplishments and character and that this was not just another D.C. scandal, as per my original impression, but a terrible loss not just to his family and friends but to our society. The ongoing injustice will continue to haunt many of us until we know “Who Murdered Robert Wone.” For ultimately this is not about us and our opinions, but about justice for Robert.

    Thanks in advance for keeping this site going, in whatever form, until we have our answer. At least one person out there, maybe more, knows that answer. Maybe one day, even soon, things will catch up with them and justice will be done.

  12. Bill Orange
    08/11/2011 at 7:39 PM


    Much appreciation for all of your hard work on this site, but I still think you won’t have to wait long for something new to come up in this case. The defendants really had to take any settlement that they could get here, and they appear to have taken a very bad one. (Kathy Wone’s press conference was even more damning than Lynn Leibovitz’s wacky dicta that accompanied her verdicts.) Kathy Wone, on the other hand, really didn’t need to settle, and as devastating as a front page story about a wrongful death settlement was for the defendants, a full trial would have been much, much worse, and Price and Zaborsky’s kids are getting to be old enough that they would likely be asking questions about the trial.

    I think closure is an entirely legitimate reason for Kathy Wone to settle this case, but I really don’t think it’s her ONLY reason. She’s not just a grieving widow. She’s a lawyer herself, and I have little doubt that she paid as close attention to her side of this suit as Joe Price paid to his. She knew she could’ve dragged him through the mud for the next several years, but she chose not to. A week later, her decision to settle looks far more like a tactical move to me rather than an emotional or expedient one. I suspect another shoe will drop by the end of the year.

  13. susan
    08/11/2011 at 9:26 PM

    Eds, do you have any update re Sarah Morgan? Is she Sarah Ann Morgan? And I wonder how old she is. And I wonder if she is suffering any rotting inside from knowing anything and not sharing.

    And I wonder where Michael Price moved to after living in White Oak. And if he’s still working at that restaurant (is it Masa 14?) on 14th Street. And if he’s taken any other courses. Or taking any drugs.

    • susan
      08/11/2011 at 9:28 PM

      I wonder what her age is to help deduce which S. Morgan she might be out of the SM’s found online in the District.

    • Bill 2
      08/12/2011 at 10:37 PM

      I didn’t realize Michael Price had been living in White Oak. I lived out that way before moving to The Hill. In looking back, I remember plenty of places outside the District line where he could have gone from Swann St. that night to stash some items for later retrieval – bloody towels, playmats, photo equipement, etc. Oakview, Hillandale, Adelphi Mill — all have greenbelt areas with little bridges and culverts that are off the beaten path. On the other hand, the items may have just gone across the street into the home of a neighbor.

      • susan
        08/14/2011 at 8:13 PM

        It looks like he lived there after R. Wone’s murder.

        • Bill 2
          08/14/2011 at 9:04 PM

          Thanks for that upadate and for the link to Harry Jaffe in the Examiner.

  14. Gloria
    08/12/2011 at 10:59 AM

    Dylan’s website provides links to 3 websites (yelp, google, trip advisor) which provided enthusiastic endorsements of his massage services. Until yesterday. Two wmrw devotees posted cautions on two of the websites with links to wmrw so potential clients could learn of his past. His business is listed on Angie’s List. Does anyone here subscribe to Angie’s List who could report back what those reviews say (if any, since he was just added in April)?

    To the editors: A class act, from beginning to end (with a slight lapse towards the end when Craig’s nerves were frayed by particularly annoying mischief makers). BTW, the editors deleted hundreds of spams a day that we did not ever see. You’ve done a wonderful service for readers but, more important, greatly enhanced the legacy of that excellent person, Robert, who had so much more to offer this world. Thank you to the editors and to commenters.

    • Craig
      08/12/2011 at 11:51 AM

      Thanks Gloria. Thank you very much.

      And in general for others: We went to lengths not to display Ward’s website and we do not condone anyone lobbing in comments to any of the review sites and linking back here. He was acquitted in the cover up and is not facing any charges now.

      • Nelly
        08/15/2011 at 11:56 PM

        Well, the general “massage-seeking” public would most likely want to know if their masseuse had been suspected of murdering and/or covering up the murder of a house guest. I tried to notify the local newspaper about the Wone case a while back, but it looks like the local journalists down there did not care since it did not involve Caylee or Casey Anthony. “It’s a messy world out there,” ain’t it, Dylan?

  15. Ms. Pity Pat
    08/12/2011 at 3:23 PM

    Pathology dies hard.

  16. susan
    08/12/2011 at 9:06 PM

    Even on a Friday night out I am reminded of Robert Wone’s murder. I went to a WPA exhibit earlier this eve. The theme was guns and gun crimes in the district, and there were graphs representing the diff. wards, etc. But at the beginning of the exhibit there is a screen flashing the days of the year and murders caused by guns and then caused by “other.” The point was to show how many murders were caused by guns. But oddly, really oddly, the calendar started in 2006! And when I first caught the screen it was going through 2006 and it went fairly quickly but there on the screen it passed by August 2, 2006 and somewhere on that graph a light flashed and represented Robert Wone’s murder in Ward 1. By “other” than a gun. And that’s another thing odd about Robert W’s murder. That it was in a ward which is not the highest crime ward and it was a murder by a knife, and prob. strangulation and drugging as well. Anyhow, reminders all around here.

    • susan
      08/12/2011 at 9:11 PM

      Just to be clear, no names were shown on the screen. Just a flashing dot representing a murder or murders on the calendar year days from 2006 to present and the ward in which the murder occurred. The dots filled up so you could see which wards had the most murders, etc. and how many were caused by guns or something else.

  17. Griz
    08/12/2011 at 10:03 PM

    Thanks for all your amazing and hard work. I am located pretty far from D.C. and only learned about the case through an unexpected connection to it. The editors and others on this site have helped me to follow it, learn, care and hope. There is as much to admire in the Wone family, their lawyers and their friends (including this community) as there is to deplore in the murderers and their supportive secret keepers.
    With thanks to all of you, and with my hope for some sort of justice–if not from the legal system, surely from the rot.

  18. Clio
    08/12/2011 at 11:38 PM

    Thanks Editors for keeping hope for justice for Robert alive. The Wone Trust and the Wone Prize will live on much longer than Joe’s brief fifteen minutes at the EV podium, and Robert’s memory is unsullied by the evidence — unlike the others in that house that night.

    May a certain ambulance chaser, a certain purveyor of pure energy, and/or a certain marketer of dairy products rot from the inside out, if they know much more than their Fifth Amendment rights would let them tell. And, may Spag forever regret his need to pay bills! XO, Clio — until there is any more breaking news or shaky cam.

    • Craig
      08/13/2011 at 10:48 AM

      Thank you for everything Clio. You were one of a very special handful that made the trek to Moultrie for a pretrial session.

      Ward could’ve used your help word-smithing the text of his website. “It’s a messy world out there,” may not have been the best lede.

      • Clio
        08/13/2011 at 8:13 PM

        Thanks, Craig. One last confession, before the next round of indictments: when I first heard of “pure energy”, the first thing that came to my mind was the “sheer energy” of the pantyhose commercials of a generation ago.

        With this latest “straight” venture, however, Dyl has come a long way since the glamour shots with Joe. His whole new pitch: Don’t even think about a happy ending, suckers! Somebody in the “family” may have read Gloria Steinem after all.

        But Mr. Ward does look thinner and older — perhaps, strictly therapeutic may be the only commercially viable route in Miami with its much more buff and fresh masseurs than Sparkly Cat doing the much more sensual appointments for gay men. However aesthetically challenged, Dyl remains, though, still free and alive — unlike Robert. And, that incongruity is still what smarts, especially if the case may end with a whimper and not a bang.

  19. susan
    08/14/2011 at 8:10 PM

    Harry Jaffe in the Examiner:

    DC Cops Need to Crack Robert Wone Murder

    • Bill Orange
      08/15/2011 at 9:34 AM

      First line of the article: “The murder of Robert Wone remains the perfect crime.”

      Hardly. The “perfect crime” doesn’t involve multiple felony indictments, a bunch of not-guilty-but-not-really-not-guilty verdicts, more than 400 invocations of the right to remain silent, a settlement with the victims widow, and the widow calling you to the carpet in a front-page story in “The Washington Post”.

      There are many ways to describe this case, but “the perfect crime” simply isn’t one of them.

      • AnnaZed
        08/15/2011 at 12:11 PM

        Yeah (not perfect), Harry’s writing style gives me the pip sometimes, but at least he’s staying on the story.

        • susan
          08/16/2011 at 10:11 PM

          That first line annoyed me as well, but being a journalist he went for a catchy lead. What stands out more, esp. in article searches, is the article title:

          DC Cops Need to Crack Robert Wone Murder

  20. Bea
    08/16/2011 at 2:05 PM

    One thing that strikes me about this blog is that none of us are going away. Even as the posts slow down, and the arguments and tiffs subside, there are a large number of people who check in, who have varying levels of commitment to stoke the fires to find the killer(s). Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever think of this case in the past tense until charges are brought. The Eds. have done quite a service in bringing those of us who post together, and those who read but don’t or rarely post – it’s that “never say never” feeling about this “cold” case that will keep it from falling through the cracks. I’m sure Joe, Victor and Dylan would love nothing more for those of us here to quietly fade away – but so long as the Eds. keep this place active, I’m not going anywhere. I suspect that there are many who feel the same way.

    • Clio
      08/16/2011 at 9:25 PM

      No news is good news, only for the defense. Silence equals death … for any modicum of justice. But, Bea, when will the next pump drop?

      • susan
        08/16/2011 at 10:08 PM

        “When will the next pump drop?”—Love your phrasing, Clio.

        Bea, what about the defense prelim witness list? Would the judge have accepted all of those listed (like, the whole FBI, it seems?) or even unnamed people (person residing at…) or even people listed c/o a law firm (like Kim H c/o Arent Fox)? BTW, I couldn’t find any connection with Kim and Arent Fox online.

        Re the other pump, drama seems to follow those boys around. When will wanderlust nip at Dyl W’s chi meridians? He’s had to hang around due to, well, a criminal trial and a potential civil one. But now that there’s no court date looming, are travel plans in the air? And what about that third? Do they have a local S. Hixson on the block? Plans for Miami Shores Eyecandy? Is Michael in the ‘hood? So many questions.

        • Bea
          08/17/2011 at 6:15 PM

          Hey Susan, that witness list would’ve been fleshed out as trial neared – that was just a placeholder in case they wanted to call those people (and more info would have been forthcoming in time to depose them).

          My guess is that the three are trying to figure out who they are without any ACTIVE trials in their future and how it will BE to no longer have THAT attention (negative attention may have been welcomed by Joe if not the others) on top of no longer being A-list gays. I doubt it’s much fun for Joe to watch his pennies and live with Victor have the biggest paycheck – hubris was power’s companion for Joe, IMHO, and the blowhard has little to blow about now. For those who rallied around him and stuck by him, they must want a break from it now, must expect Joe to stop needing their attention and pity and coddling.

          Dylan, the wanderlust, may fare just fine, especially if Daddy still supplements his income. Victor, sadly, may have “enough” in just having Joe. But Mr. Price, well, we’ll see in time. And that’s if there aren’t any criminal charges – I do wonder if he’ll ever be fool enough to leave Victor for some pretty young thing with lower standards.

          • susan
            08/17/2011 at 8:26 PM

            Thanks, Bea. Last night I watched the VCB interview with DW, Part I. I will continue to review these. Last night I focused on body language. I think it would be interesting if at some point guest commenters were invited on the site to analyze different facets of the case–body language of the suspects, the uniqueness of the crime, affluence and the prevalence of murder in urban areas, in the gay community, etc.

            I’ve posted this before at least three times, and we all have our strong beliefs–this is one of mine: the offspring, the sons, are the ties that bind. They also offer a modicum of respectability, which these guys prob. are clinging to. And remember, both sons consider both men their fathers: One is “Papa” and the other is “Dad.” JP is the latter.

            Re DW, I wonder if the $ Need Ward supplied his son with was the son’s trust fund.

            And I still can’t help but wonder how Mr. & Mrs. Zaborsky (Sr) feel about their son being in a three way with a dom-sub side with torture accoutrements in the homestead.

            • Bill 2
              08/18/2011 at 6:14 PM

              While they once had many ties that bind, most of those ties have been bashed and bloodied by the murder of Robert Wone. There’s no doubt that Price will keep reminding Zaborsky of how they are bound by their love for the children. And there’s no doubt that Zaborsky will buy into any baloney put forth by Price.

              Being hundreds of miles away from the children, the ties to them are stretched in the way of children living with a divorced parent, far from the other parent.

              Price won’t let Zaborsky forget the importance of their fatherly ties to their children and he’ll want VZ to be close by at all times. He can’t afford to let Zaborsky be off in another venue where he could possibly come under the influence of the parents he drove to the Poor House.

              No doubt Price longs to be searching for more S-M threesomes, minus his partner, but he has to pretend that he still has feelings for the guy who probably could send him to prison.

              • susan
                08/18/2011 at 8:24 PM

                Bill 2,

                If I had to guess I’d believe that JP has some feelings for VZ, but obviously not enough to not have the gall to bring some other person of interest into the home and to further cheat on him with anonymous thirds from dubious websites, not to mention the neighbor across the street. And remember, there are prob. others the public hasn’t had the privilege to hear about.

                • susan
                  08/18/2011 at 9:17 PM

                  Also, re Fla, it looks like JP’s father and his wife, Sharon Manley Price lived or still live in Clearwater, Florida. There are a number of Zaborsky’s out there too so maybe there’s some additional family.

                • 08/19/2011 at 12:55 PM

                  Again, the nun.

                  This is not a blog against or about onsensual sex, Ms. Santorum, or a blog to look down on the consensual sex by any group, gay or otherwise.

                  I’m sorry you haven’t had “the privilege,” as you say, to know of other consensual acts of people you don’t know and have not and will never meet.

                  Not really your business, or the business of the “public.”

                  Let’s keep the blog on track, as to Who Murdered Robert Wone, and keep your condescending sexual morals campaign to yourself, please.

                  • Bill 2
                    08/19/2011 at 1:57 PM

                    Ms. Bitch is back dictating what everyone can post.

                    • 08/19/2011 at 2:32 PM

                      The bitch is back!

                      The nun can say anything she wants and I have the same privilege, as do you.

                      Surprised, however, that you would hook yourself to such condescending and denigrating anti-gay sexual moraliazing.

                    • susan
                      08/19/2011 at 8:11 PM

                      Hey Bill 2,

                      Thanks. That was a lot of “Ssantorum” from that poster. Nothing new. See my post at bottom. Too thin a thread here.

                • Bill 2
                  08/19/2011 at 1:54 PM


                  JP likes to put on a “show” as he did in the W&M video and the newspaper story with his children and their mothers. It’s obvious he wants to project that loyal family man image.

                  Now, everyone knows that it’s all an act and that the “family man” image was shattered by revelations at the trial last year.

                  Today, JP wakes up in bed with a person he’s tied to and he doesn’t dare get him angry. It’s like sleeping with a “Get Out of Jail Free” card from a Monopoly game that could blow away in the slightest breeze. If that card disappears from Miami Shores, it could lead to another trial.

                  JP is stuck with an easily-manipulated guy who is willing to give up his good name, his job, his savings and his parent’s savings in order to cover up the death of Robert Wone. JP is partnered with a wuss and he’s sure to start resenting the fact that he can’t afford to play around anymore. There’s no need to buy playmats.

                  • Also from the Post story
                    09/05/2011 at 11:30 PM

                    > “JP wakes up in bed with a person he’s tied to and he doesn’t dare get him angry…. like sleeping with a “Get Out of Jail Free” card that could blow away in the slightest breeze…”

                    Unless the card gets safely planted 6 feet under before it talks. If I was Victor I’d be scared of someday waking up dead. Neither of them can dare make the other angry or even a bit suspicious.Yet both have incentive to make a sudden move without warning: Victor to go to the police station, where once in the door he’ll be safe, and Joe to pre-empt that from happening.

        • Nelly
          08/18/2011 at 12:43 AM

          Apologies if this has already been posted. I haven’t had time to read through everything here lately. Here’s what Joe Price has been up to in Florida.

          Got disrespected by Arcayne Salon in Miami (WAH!):
          “On October 21st I called the salon and made an appointment for three pedicures on October 28th at 10am. On October 27th the salon called me at 10:42am and left a voicemail asking me to call and confirm my appointments for the 28th. When I called back at 1:29pm, I was told by the salon that because I had not called back soon enough they had cancelled my appointments and booked other people at 10:00am. They did offer to schedule my appointments for some other time and I let them know I’d take my business elsewhere. It is frankly ridiculous that the salon would cancel three appointments made a week in advance because they received a return call less than three hours after they called to confirm.”

          Living the good life in Miami Beach at Lou’s beer garden:
          “What a fantastic find. Located in the courtyard, poolside of the New Hotel (also a gem!) this is my new favorite, secret spot. Tucked away behind the mid-century facade of the New Hotel, you enter a courtyard surrounded by lush palms and lighted (at night of course) tiki torches. Cozy groupings of tables for two and four, as well as cush overstuffed patio chairs create a delightful ambiance. The music, very friendly staff (the owner even stopped by to greet us) and a superb selection of beers and wines–and now a spectacular cocktail menu(!)–make this a gem you don’t want to miss. What was going to be just drinks turned into dinner. We had the pizza and the Bronzino and both were spectacular! I wish I had some more of both right now! We will definitely be back as I can’t think of a more relaxing, charming place to spend an evening over delectable fare and libations.”

          • susan
            08/18/2011 at 8:34 PM

            Hey Nelly,

            There were some posts re the “Fla Joe” person who gave “testimonials” for Dylan’s Pure Energy biz (btw, there are a few Pure Energy enterprises in Fl not to mention previously written kids’ books called “Silly Sally,” etc. Is it possible D. Ward is a hack?

            Anyhow, the ones you pasted here are from a “Jay P.” The pedicure one–pedicures for three–is so outlandish that it just might be real–and maybe really from JP or maybe V.

            • Bea
              08/19/2011 at 8:06 PM

              My guess (from the other reviews from these reviewers) is that FLA_Joe and Jay P. are both Joe. Not enough to give Dyl a good review (certainly he must give Dyl good reviews on some of his massages:)) it would appear that Joe went that extra mile to trash a competitor. It can’t be said enough: always classy!

          • Clio
            08/21/2011 at 2:01 AM

            “Pedicures and Beer Gardens: Culuket’s
            Comfortable Exile in Florida, 2011 – Whenever” may be the title of an actual paper given at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association (AHA) in the year 2075.

            “Delectable fare and libations” are not what Robert received from his hosts that fateful evening, BTW.

            • susan
              08/21/2011 at 1:45 PM

              Ward’s biz is also listed on Angieslist. Apparently he’s been a member since April 2011. If you scroll down it lists all the cities he says he serves. If you think about it, of the three men, he’s the one who comes out of this better off than he was before. Now he has a business:


              • Clio
                08/21/2011 at 4:48 PM

                Sigh! The Prodigal Son is no longer prodigal, alas, but, once knowing the facts about 08/02, who would choose to be his client?

                Dyl does sport a new tan and confidence that may free him from his Two Daddys after all, but, on second thought, the events of 08/02 will always tether him to both Culuket and Needham.

                Everyone in a recession could use a massage, but willfully practicing such a craft after 08/02 boggles the mind — only in America could this type of change happen!

              • Bill 2
                08/22/2011 at 11:56 PM

                That list of cities where he solicits business really gets to me. I lived in some of those places, went to school there, and my dad was mayor of one of those cities. I hate the thought of that loathsome creature and his fan club being around people I would know.

                • susan
                  08/23/2011 at 1:19 AM

                  He has really advertised all over. He’s even on Facebook. He also got mentioned in a write up (I’ll look for that and hope to post later) in some town out there. The author looks to have written a book that touches on the J. Jenkins/Miller type legal battle so maybe he got the plug due to a JP connection.

      • AnnaZed
        08/17/2011 at 12:51 AM

        Clio dear, I fear that we may wait a long, long time for that other shoe to drop, but the cool thing about the internet is that while it may not be forever internet postings do last a long, long time as well. There is quite a wealth of information right here. Maybe Mark Fuhrman has some free time.

        • Clio
          09/13/2011 at 12:23 AM

          Yes, dear, history may be their only punishment, and my dustbin is already full. While Lynn could not decide who exactly did it, future scholars apparently will be the only ones who will crack the case. We are still waiting, though, Chief Lanier!

    • Rick
      08/16/2011 at 9:38 PM

      I will continue to visit here frequently along with you Bea…and I’m sure we’re not going to be alone.

      • Cat from Cleveland
        08/16/2011 at 11:30 PM

        I may not be posting, but I’m still here.

    • Bill Orange
      08/17/2011 at 10:22 AM

      I’ll still be here. But I really don’t think it’s going to be that long of a wait. As soon as the insurance company writes the first check, Joe and Victor will be in danger of new charges. The insurance company can hit them in civil court, and I’m fairly certain they could be charged with insurance fraud as a criminal charge. (Lawyers, your opinions here?) Anyway, the next move is likely from the insurance company. Once that’s cleared, all three of them will be on the hook for the full amount of the settlement.

      And then the next round of criminal charges can be filed. As I’ve said before, I’d hit Victor alone, with Joe and Dylan as unindicted co-conspirators. And I’d have him arrested at his house at about 7 AM in the morning, with bunch of blaring sirens to herald it all, just so the neighbors know it’s happening. It would, of course, be unfortunate if the local media were tipped off before hand to put it on the local news that evening, but these things happen sometimes.

      • 08/17/2011 at 1:46 PM

        Hi Bill O;

        In my opinion, I just don’t think that there is much of a chance (I put it at about 5% in a previous post on this subject, but it is likely less than that the more I think of it), that the insurance companies that may be paying all or part of the settlement will go after the Swann 3 (or whoever they insured).

        Just my opinion, but I doubt the attorneys for the Swann 3 allowed their clients to say anything to the insurance company that would subject them to fraud with the insurance company. Simply raising the 5th, in my opinion, gives no opening to the insurance company.

        But, in previous posts with you, I have pretty much set forth my opinions in this regard. Would like to hear from others on this interesting subject.

        • Bill Orange
          08/17/2011 at 11:13 PM

          If your insurance company investigates, aren’t you required to co-operate with their investigation? The defendants obviously won’t, which should void the policy.

          Maybe I just don’t know much about insurance, but based on the limited experience I’ve had with both auto and renter’s insurance, the insurance company usually asks me, “What happened?” I’m guessing that if I called them up and said, “My car’s been totaled, please send me a check, and I’m invoking my fifth amendment rights on all additional questions,” I’d probably been unlikely to see the FedEx truck pull up the next day with my money.

      • Bea
        08/17/2011 at 6:18 PM

        I’d have to agree with Bruce UNLESS there are criminal charges fairly soon – and then the insurance company might pile on to get some money back. But they won’t take the laboring oar on that – bad press and too much money for too low a percentage. In my limited experience, once they’ve settled, it’s forgotten and on to the next file. They may have a “tickler” though, if criminal charges are filed.

        • AnnaZed
          08/17/2011 at 7:59 PM

          Really? I thought that the reputation was that insurance companies never forget, never ever let go of something that they think that they have been defrauded over or when they think that a crime has been committed. I have read of many cases of (years after the events) insurance company investigators have been central figures in bringing old cases to resolution. Is that just because these stories make such good copy but in fact isn’t really the case?

          In this version of Double Indemnity Dylan takes the Barbra Stanwyck role but is it Joe or Victor in the Fred McMurry part?


          • susan
            08/17/2011 at 9:09 PM

            That was funny. Then I went from imagining DW as BS with a wig and shades to thinking about the heartbreaking reality of R. Wone’s murder. I’d say Fred M. would have to be mostly J. Price with a hint of Old Vic. When they chose to present a united front and withhold evidence and enter into a three-way bondage that sort of sealed the complicit deal.

            • AnnaZed
              08/17/2011 at 9:36 PM

              straight down the line

          • Bea
            08/18/2011 at 1:36 AM

            LOVE the Double Indemnity reference. Still, the insurance company here paid out a lot in atty fees and the settlement knowing full well that their hands were tied on representing the INSURED who, according to the complaint which dictates what issues are in front of them, was either negligently or intentionally liable for Robert’s murder. The reason people get policies is to insure against negligent acts. Because the defendants’ actions were not deemed intentional – there was no judgment at all because of settlement – they essentially had to pay. And they likely wanted to get out of the big atty payday a trial would have cost them.

            Yes, you know all that. But the insurance company is still in a bit of a box since they’d essentially have to PROVE these guys murdered Robert to get their money back. It’s a lesser standard than the prosecution would have to meet, but still a high bar when all you have is three guys taking the 5th all over again. If Dylan wasn’t a policy holder, and the jury was (purposely or not) inclined to believe Dylan was the murderer, or if the jury just couldn’t decide, then the insurance company would lose – and have all THOSE atty fees to pay, not to mention that juries typically hate ruling in favor of insurance companies. If there was a good case to be made RIGHT NOW, then the prosecution would bring murder charges – but they haven’t.

            IF (possibly WHEN) murder charges are brought, and assuming that they are brought against the policy holders AND the prosecution is successful in proving murder charges against the defendants THEN the insurance company would likely move forward to reclaim money.

            The underbelly of all this is that the insurance company likely knows very well how much money each of these three has and how much money they could recover – would they pay hundreds of thousands in legal fees before murder charges are brought to recover what’s left of the defendants’ “reachable” assets? We don’t know how much equity is in the Florida house, but we know it’s worth a good deal less than they paid. Right now the defendants are not flush. Maybe later, after they’ve worked a while . . .

            Much as I’d love to see an insurance investigation, I think they’re going to wait. Perhaps Michael will be busted soon and turn prosecution witness or someone else with lots of knowledge, or several people with a little knowledge, will begin to speak. And it’s always POSSIBLE that Victor will rediscover his conscience and grow a spine.

            • Bill Orange
              08/19/2011 at 12:30 AM

              “And it’s always POSSIBLE that Victor will rediscover his conscience and grow a spine.”

              Rediscover? You’ve followed this closer than I have, but I’ve seen no evidence whatsoever that Victor ever had a conscience to begin with.

              • Nelly
                08/19/2011 at 2:29 PM

                And there is always the possibility that all three had a hand in Robert’s death. That’s why they have continued to all stick together in this “messy world.” If Victor were such an honest, innocent person, he would have spilled the beans long ago to save his own behind.

              • Bea
                08/19/2011 at 9:50 PM

                Good point, Bill O – I was giving credence to past posts here of people who knew Victor, worked with him, etc., and those at trial who said he was a gentle and nice guy (none said the same of the others, though they weren’t asked, either). I just assume that being a good man means you have a conscience – I assume too much!

              • Bill 2
                08/22/2011 at 11:46 PM

                In considering Zaborsky having a conscience, he was willing to let Price involve him in a “gay family values” video performance at William and Mary when he knew very well that they were not involved in a monogamous relationship.

                Does he have a conscience when his parents ask, “Why are you staying with Joe Price?” You know they’ve got to be asking that.

                The immediate world knows that Price is a serial cheater. What kind of lies does VZ tell his parents about staying with a person who holds him in such low regard? Worse yet, they know Ward wants their son be be kicked to the curb. They must be heart-broken.

                • Bill Orange
                  08/23/2011 at 12:25 AM

                  Again, my main problem with him is the fact that someone was stabbed to death in his guest bedroom. I really don’t care what happens (or in his case, doesn’t seem to happen) between him and his partner in his master bedroom.

                  And of all three defendants, I think Victor’s behavior was the most bizarre the day of the murder. He’s also the one who made the 911 call. Overall, I think there’s the most tangible evidence against Victor as being involved in the death of Robert Wone.

                  • susan
                    08/23/2011 at 1:16 AM

                    Bill O:

                    It seems that the behavior of each was a bit off that eve. but yes, the partial unpacking and running to the gym-why oh why didn’t that clueless detective follow up on that. If anything, the MPD should use the VCB tapes as training videos for new hires on what NOT to do in police interviews/interrogations. Put those to good use.

                • Bea
                  08/23/2011 at 12:40 PM

                  Victor may have been the one who stabbed Robert – I have no idea. Certainly he was complicit in the cover up (the Mercedes Meeting aftermath proves that to me). My gut is that he was not involved until after the fact (of the murder) but other opinions are as good as mine, certainly. I agree that keeping his mouth shut these years later is reprehensible if indeed he does know who murdered Robert Wone.

          • Craig
            08/20/2011 at 12:10 PM

            AZ: A great scene from a great film. I think we used a still from that in a post forever ago.

            Susan: We need to dig out some emails from a reader that provided a lengthy ‘statement analysis’ for JP (and perhaps another former defendatnt). We’ll try to format and post them soon. It could be an interesting exercize.

  21. susan
    08/19/2011 at 8:20 PM

    Hi Bill 2: Only one more comment re that poster (whose aim is to insult and distract):

    On the first day he posted on this site, 7/9/10, he criticizes the editors.

    On 7/14/2010 the third day he posted in response to another poster, “Regarding your assessment of how I am approaching the case, I want to assure you that you are absolutely correct … I AM looking at this case from the perspective of the defendants.“

    He made his case from the outset.

    Now to this actual case and your response to my post: I was thinking about how JP had posted about the Alt 3d and how VZ would be away the night of the proposed tryst. That suggests to me that VZ wasn’t to know about it. If that wasn’t the case, would he actually be up in his room while J and D and Scott H. were “pigging out” on the floor below? If they could hear a dying man’s high pitched laugh/low-pitched groan/grunt, etc., surely he could hear games of torture, etc. going on by a party of three one floor below. One really has to wonder about VZ and what he signed onto and what he opted to live with.

  22. Bill 2
    08/19/2011 at 9:07 PM


    As to Ms. Bitch, there seems to be a real kinship with JP’s style so it’s not surprising to see the nastiness that is exhibited on a regular basis.

    Regarding the Swann Street playtime between Price, Ward, and Hixson, it could have included the master bedroom as well as action on the floor below. With Zaborsky out of the house, they were free to move around. They were probably expecting that same freedom on the night Robert Wone was there, but VZ showed up a day early.

    The 2-BR bungalow in Miami is a major comedown from their carefree living in DC. If Zaborsky wanted or needed to go away for a few days, how could he trust anyone not to turn the place into the Black Hole of Calcutta!

    • susan
      08/20/2011 at 4:48 PM

      Hey Bill2,

      It seems like for that online (alt.com) third, VZ was going to be out of town, but what about when JP and D and/or Scott H. and/or others wanted a “play” date? Did V and Sarah M. have to be out of the house all those times? It seems unlikely. So though to SH and SM it was a “progressive” relationship it seems like it was prob. a stressed situation involving a lot of juggling. And then VZ comes home early, and add to that stress the “water” issue, etc. and…

      Also, the brother and Louis Hixson legal case was still active at that time. So did LH live there then too? The MPD–it can’t be stressed enough– really screwed up when they didn’t press that issue, or press VZ when he was asked about the in-house dynamic when VZ said “we’re working on” becoming a family. I would have asked just what that meant.

      • susan
        08/20/2011 at 4:56 PM

        BTW, I know LH supposedly had an online or hard copy entry re MP being with himm that night, but there’s nothing to prove where that entry was made. Online or in writing, it doesn’t prove the whereabouts of either.
        In reading posts back from 2009 (there is a lot to read and a lot of info.) one poster wrote that MP “isn’t the brightest bulb” but he was, as noted below, intimately involved in his brother’s life (including work visits and the partner/domestic abuser living at 1509 Swann).

  23. christy love
    08/30/2011 at 4:46 PM

    Bea, Where are you from? My friend and I LOVE you and would like to treat you to lunch if you are ever in Los Angeles. 🙂

    • Bea
      08/30/2011 at 6:21 PM

      Very nice! Thanks!

  24. susan
    08/31/2011 at 1:33 AM

    Here’s a really sad page:


    Homicides in the District in 2006. The first few I looked at were ones I remember reading about. So sad. This boy/young guy from England who was trying to do positive things for the world, murdered, stabbed by a gang of four by 31st & Q in Georgetown. So sad. And David Rosenbaum, the NYTimes journalist who had just retired, was out for a walk, attacked and robbed. And here, the EMT screwed up. They saw him and assumed he was drunk so he didn’t get the care he immediately needed–and so, his life might’ve been saved but was not. The city paid for it–in terms of horrid publicity and a settlement.

    And this is odd: A Joseph Price (one of those green balloons on the map) a Joseph David Price was stabbed to death on 11/30/06 in the 1400 block of 14th Street.

    • susan
      08/31/2011 at 1:35 AM

      BTW, to navigate the page, click on “Washington” at the top. The J. Price one is the only green balloon. Wonder why.

  25. Craig
    09/01/2011 at 5:48 PM

    Wow. The Florida Bar may have some tough thresholds for Price. I wonder if they take third party references, or perhaps in this case un-references.

    And coming soon – a little something that leads us to believe Price is back practicing in DC. And then after that, word on a particular piece of evidence retrieved from Price’s Arent Fox computer. No – not the pics.

    • Bea
      09/01/2011 at 9:02 PM

      Craig, while I would also like to hear from Hoya and Bruce on this subject, I see no issues with anyone writing to the Bar Examiners with a properly worded letter questioning Joe Price’s fitness to serve (as a bar member, one is considered “an officer of the court”). Any time one applies to sit for the bar (ones I know of, anyway) the applicant must provide personal and professional references, and those individuals are mailed a form to be filled out. It’s taken seriously. While someone with no personal knowledge of Joe and no real “connection with” Robert or his murder (just us anonymous blog posters) might write, I would think that the “punch” would be far less than someone who has connections to Joe or the case. If Kathy or the US Attorneys or even you guys as editors of this blog who also attended the trial provided a well-written and fair assessment of the criminal case, the civil case, and particular pieces of evidence which one believes cast aspersions on his fitness/moral character (along with copies of the referenced documents as support) then my guess is that it would be read and considered.

      It’s quite likely that Joe was no under no obligation to disclose this matter as the questions asked are specific and he’s never been convicted of anything. That doesn’t mean the Bar Examiners would not be interested to hear specifics. If I were Kathy Wone, I’m pretty sure I’d be writing such a letter – doubtful (although possible) that it would be barred by the confidentiality provision of the settlement (except as to the TERMS of the settlement). If I were one of the prosecutors and I had the time and desire, I might write such a letter as well.

      So long as the letters were not factually inaccurate, I don’t think Joe would have any recourse against such a letter-writer. Bruce, Hoya, do you agree? Of course, any letter with factual inaccuracies would be actionable should Joe learn of them.

      • Hoya Loya
        09/02/2011 at 9:29 AM

        I don’t think anyone not directly involved in the criminal or civil case, or who is not a concerned member of the Florida Bar should be communicating with the examiners, or needs to do so. The application and investigation process is very thorough. Per the Florida Board of Bar Examiners website:

        “Completion of this application will be time consuming. In order to complete your Bar Application efficiently online, it is suggested that you gather information and have it available when you complete the online questionnaire.

        ____1. Residence information including dates and complete addresses for the past 3 years, dates and city/state since your 16th birthday
        ____2. Names and addresses of all undergraduate and graduate schools you attended and dates of attendance
        ____3. Names of all law schools attended and dates of attendance
        ____4. Five personal references who have known you well within the past 5 years, including names and current mailing addresses.
        ____5. Employment information for the last 10 years or since your 16th birthday, whichever is shorter. You are required to provide employers’ names, addresses, dates employed, position, type of business, supervisor and reason for leaving. Include self-employment or association with any occupation, business, enterprise or profession, either part-time or full-time. Include employment as a law clerk; include positions in clinics, internships, externships, or other similar non-paid positions.
        ____6. Financial information about delinquent credit, defaulted credit, unfiled tax returns, checks returned for insufficient funds and delinquent student loans
        ____7. Information about arrests, charges or accusations (including traffic violations) reporting dates, law enforcement agency, explanation of event and final disposition. If your arrest records are sealed, you must petition the appropriate court to unseal those records.
        ____8. Information about all bar admission or registration applications filed in Florida or any other jurisdiction
        ____9. Transcripts from all undergraduate schools from which you received an undergraduate degree, transcripts from all law schools attended (except your current law school, if you are still attending), even if the credit was transferred to another school or is reflected on another school’s transcript, and transcripts from any post-secondary schools attended subsequent to law school. You should request that all transcripts be sent from each educational institution attended directly to the Board’s office and provide a copy of each request with your application.
        ____10. Fingerprints
        All applicants for admission to The Florida Bar must have their fingerprints scanned for electronic submission to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and to the FBI by Integrated Biometric Technology (IBT). Instructions for this step are in the answer to How do I submit the required fingerprints? in our FAQ. Confirmation of your compliance with this step must be received by the board before processing of your application can begin.
        ____11. Certificate of Dean
        Complete the top section and submit the Certificate of Dean to your law school dean after your graduation. If attending a Florida law school, do not provide the form to your school.

        The following documents from other agencies may be needed, depending on your response to various items on the Bar Application.

        ____12. A copy of your DD-214, reflecting your character of service and re-entry code
        ____13. For lawsuits where you are personally named a defendant or counter-defendant, you are required to include an exact and complete copy of the complaint or other initial pleading, answer, counterclaim, if any, and the disposition of each action, or a letter from the court verifying that the documents are not available.
        ____14. Copies of bar applications or registrations filed in any other jurisdiction
        ____15. Certificates of Good Standing from each jurisdiction where you are admitted”

      • 09/02/2011 at 3:38 PM

        Hi Bea, and thanks for your valuable thoughts on this issue of the Florida Bar application.

        And thanks, Hoya, for giving us the categories of questions on the bar application, and your valuable thoughts in the matter.

        As to whether Joe P could have any recourse against someone sending a letter to the Florida bar, I agree with Bea that it would probably be very unlikely, as long as the letter was very factual, and just attached factually correct items. I would say you are probably 90% safe.

        But, as an attorney, I always worry about that 10%.

        Maybe that should be on my tombstone: “He always worried about that 10%.” And my obituary could include references to my lovingly styled nickname on here (Miss Bitch), and that I am a conspirator, apologist, Swann lover, and worse. But, as Mark Twain didn’t say, but I will paraphrase what he didn’t say: all of that would be a bit premature at the moment.

        If Joe P passes the Florida bar, I think it extremely unlikely that he would have any recourse (in other words, if he could not point to any communication as causing him to not be allowed to practice there). Thus, if he ultimately gets in to the bar, probably a greater than 99% chance there would be no recourse.

        But if he is not allowed to practice, I wouldn’t be surprised that if he filed a lawsuit against the Bar Examiners that he might get his hands on all communications about him that were sent to the Examiners.

        And then, who knows what he might do.

        While I think I agree with you, Bea, I would suggest that anyone contemplating this type of action also read carefully Hoya’s post, where he advises not to do so.

        I would agree with Hoya that the Florida Bar Examiners will be thorough, if history proves itself, in examining his record, and there is really nothing for anyone to provide that will not already be provided pursuant to the questionaire or by the Examiners in determining his status via Florida.

        Of course, as all should understand, none of us lawyers here are giving any legal advise to anyone in this regard. Just setting forth our thoughts. If anyone decides to do something in this regard, you are doing so solely at your own risk, and you need to determine what that risk is by your own analysis and, I would suggest, with a lawyer beforehand who is retained by you for that purpose.

        Sorry for that last paragraph, but we live in a very litigious society.

        • 09/02/2011 at 3:44 PM

          Arrgggg…second to last paragraph should be “advice” not “advise.”

        • Bea
          09/02/2011 at 4:16 PM

          I wouldn’t advise anyone whose only connection to this case is on this blog to write – but I do think Kathy Wone would be free to do so (provided she doesn’t violate any terms of the Settlement Agreement) without any fear of reprisal (assuming, of course, that she does not misstate facts).

          FYI, for those interested, one cannot “tortiously interfere with” another’s business dealings/employment, and that’s the big picture of the concerns (other than libel and/or defamation, of course, and liability would attach primarily to any inaccuracies).

          Thanks to Hoya, too, for doing the research on what FLA Bar asks.

  26. Bill Orange
    09/02/2011 at 12:46 PM

    Would #7 include the judge’s written opinion, and would #13 include the written settlement from the civil suit?

    • Bea
      09/02/2011 at 1:31 PM

      Bill O, initially it would appear on the civil case (#13) that he would only have to provide the initial complaint and the “disposition” which is the court’s dismissal of the civil case. I would think he would have to provide Judge L’s opinion on #7.

  27. Bea
    09/16/2011 at 6:07 PM

    Monday is the day that Florida bar results are announced – but that is private information for a while (until they are loaded into the bar member database that can be searched). Curious if Joe was allowed to sit for it and whether there is any review (or WAS a review that has been concluded) – maybe conditional approval until a hearing?

    Regardless, I saw something on a law news site that says Florida is requiring new members of the bar to pass a “civility code” in which they agree to be, well, nice to each other. From watching Joe’s interrogation, and from what I’ve heard, while generally speaking he was a cordial person, when he was pissed NO ONE was safe.

    • Bea
      09/16/2011 at 6:08 PM

      Er – the Florida bar issued the “civility” code and all new members have to do is take the oath along with the regular oath (my bad for implying it must be “passed” – clerical error on my part).

      • Clio
        09/17/2011 at 7:06 PM

        Bea, dear, I guess that the civility code would preclude any “knife play” with/on a sleeping colleague.

        Well, will there be another pool party/cookout in Miami Shores to celebrate this expected milestone back to “normalcy?” Will the Editors be invited to cover the event? Will Aunt Marcia be included? Stay tuned, all! It’s not the high point of confidence/arrogance at Halo, but it’s something.

        • Bea
          09/17/2011 at 9:04 PM

          So aptly put, Clio. Civility is for gentlemen. I’ve been thinking that Joe is quite fortunate to have such a common name (for purposes of hiding his past life) should he pursue his law career other than taking hourly work from others. Too bad he’s not the Zaborsky of the group — another cross to bear for the long-suffering Victor.

          • Clio
            09/20/2011 at 11:48 PM

            I don’t think that Victor’s career is suffering: milk does a homebody good! Those real moms from Lifetime need a surrogate son/daughter to whom to vent their opinions and feelings — an approving doormat on which to wipe their proverbial feet.

            Dyl seems to be thriving with his new, seemingly legit gig, and Joe probably will receive good news soon. So, how are the former defendants “victims” again?

    • Bill 2
      09/20/2011 at 10:29 PM

      Since young Mr. Kettler is in real estate management, it’s an ideal location. When he needs the services of an interior decorator, there’s one directly across the street. What makes it even better, the decorator is familiar with 1509, inside and out, upstairs and down. Very convenient.

      • Clio
        09/20/2011 at 11:37 PM

        And, Uncle Michael no longer has a key … that works.

  28. Annika
    11/11/2011 at 4:58 PM

    Thank you for all you’ve done in Robert Wone’s memory.

    I am in no way affiliated with this case or the people involved, but I’ve smelled a great injustice since this case broke out in 2006 and I hope that this unsolved mystery will be unraveled so that his family may finally sleep at night.

  29. susan
    04/14/2013 at 8:28 PM

    Is your post about anything substantive that furthers a discussion about Robert Wone or…oh, wait; just read it again. The answer was right there! It is not.

    • Doug
      04/15/2013 at 1:06 PM

      Not sure I understand what you’re saying.

  30. susan
    04/15/2013 at 6:30 PM

    Hi Doug,

    There was a post there by “Annonymous” (spelled that way) that asked if this website/blog was about Robert Wone or the editors. Not sure what happened to that. It seemed to be posted for the sheer point of being snarky.

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