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Funeral For A Friend

We’ve come to learn from the Harry Jaffe’s Washingtonian piece that in addition to the hundred and hundreds of mourners at Robert’s funeral service was at least one member of the DC MPD. 

The turnout and outpouring that day should have been evidence enough for the detective to fully understand the magnitude of the loss, and if he was listening closely to the eulogies at all, he would have truly appreciated the impact Robert had in his too-short life.

One friend from William and Mary who attended that day as well, reached out to us some time ago to share what seemed to be another dynamic at the service.  We print the email in its entirety:

I did know both Joe and Robert well from WM days. 

I was very good friend with Robert, but only passing acquaintances with Joe and hadn’t spoken to him in a number of years (other than at the funeral).

Honestly, at the funeral, Joe came across as being nearly as much a victim as Kathy was. 

How horrible it was to have one of your good friends murdered in your own home.  I recall Joe having almost a reception line of well wishers giving him hugs and comforting him at the funeral. 

I shook hands with Joe after the funeral while everyone was filing out to go to the cemetery and felt as sorry for him as I did for myself at losing such a great friend. 

I don’t remember seeing Victor or Dylan at the funeral.  They could have been sitting beside Joe for all I know…

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2 comments for “The Sunday Not-So Funny

  1. Clio
    05/02/2010 at 6:22 PM

    Joe played the victim, but he had no intention of being the “victim” of the truth. His conspiracy, to me, continues to feed off of the naivete of the reasonable and logical, who still hold out dwindling hope that the Mr. Price whom they knew (or whom they thought they knew) was/is not the monster Culuket after all.

    Aggressors or oppressors posing as victims are replete throughout history. Joe Ray learned that at Bourne High School, if not before. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are for real, Aunt Marcia.

  2. MotherOfInvention
    05/04/2010 at 2:48 PM

    Seems like your blockquote functionality isn’t working on the new site yet. Shouldn’t the quote from the guest in the above post be indented? As it is, it seems like the editors are talking about seeing Joe at the funeral.

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