August 2, 2006

It All Ended and Began Here…

An early voice in the call for justice for Robert Wone was Judy Tseng.

To mark this sad anniversary we republish her January 2007 post that detailed Robert’s last day.  There’s little we can add.

“The last morning of his life, on Wednesday, August 2, 2006, Wone left his townhome in Oakton, Virginia with his wife of three years, Katherine Wone. They went to work out at a gym and took the Metro together into DC. 

He walked Katherine to her workplace and went to his office at Radio Free Asia on M Street, N.W.

He had already told his wife about his plans to spend the night at Joseph Price’s home.  Price was an old friend from college; he had been a few years ahead of Wone at the College of William and Mary.

After work, Wone met up his colleague John Lindburg for a quick dinner at Subway , and the two attended a class on grant law sponsored by the D.C. Bar.

Robert Wone Route 8/2/2006

After the seminar ended, Wone told Lindburg that he was going to head back to his office, and the two said their goodbyes around 9:15 p.m. at the Farragut North Metro station.

As he walked to his office, Wone called his wife around 9:30 p.m. to check in, ending the call saying, “I love you.”

He stayed at his office for a little while.”

We know from Paul Duggan’s Washington Post reporting that at 10:22pm Robert called ahead to Swann Street to say that he was on his way.

The defendants say he arrived at or close to 10:30pm. 

Everything else remains unclear and an undeniable tragedy.

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5 comments for “August 2, 2006

  1. Anonymous Friend
    08/02/2009 at 5:29 PM

    We love and miss you, Robert, and we will never, ever forget you. Thank you for blessing our lives. You continue to remind us to focus less on the petty things in life and to do all that we can for those around us. Bake cookies for your new neighbor; send a card or an email to someone who is sick or lonely; volunteer, volunteer, volunteer. Really. Don’t just talk the talk. Do. Robert, you were always doing. And I am eternally humbled by your friendship. Much love and respect – and gratitude. I miss you terribly. Your smile still warms my heart. Thank you.

  2. 08/02/2009 at 6:09 PM

    I am surprised to see a portion of my old article here, but that is totally fine. Thank you, Editors, for keeping the flow of information going so that Robert Wone will not be forgotten. As Anonymous Friend says, Robert was always doing whatever he could to help others, a stellar person and friend. I will never forget him either.

    Modelminority got attacked by a porn site (Little Red Riding Hood?) , so we had to delete the inner text of my articles about the Wone case and will have to eventually re-do the whole site. So again, I thank you all who are continuing to keep this case in the foreground. May there someday be justice for Robert.

  3. 08/02/2009 at 6:35 PM

    Also, sites 2 & 3 on the map are wrong. The DC Bar Center is on 12th and K Sts. Otherwise it wouldn’t have made sense for Robert and his colleague to ride the metro afterwards together to Farragut North so he could go back to work.

    • Craig
      08/03/2009 at 3:50 PM

      Judy – As always thanks.

      As far as the map goes, our graphics department is working on the correction.

  4. 08/07/2009 at 12:44 PM

    I’m pretty sure I got the times wrong too in this old article. The CLE ended around 9:15pm, and Robert was last seen by his colleague leaving the metro train at Farragut North at 9:30pm.

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