House of the Tiger Aunt

In the motion for pretrial release for Dylan Ward, his attorney notes that Dylan co-founded a small publishing house by the name, “House of the Tiger Aunt.”  The picture above notes books written in Chinese by Dylan Ward.  Some of the more curious titles include, “Naughty Jack,” “The Rainbow World” and “Love: The Best Profession”

Has anyone read these books?  A quick search on Amazon and Google turns up empty, but we will keep looking.

– Posted by David

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  1. Anonymous
    01/28/2009 at 8:19 PM

    God, those titles sound retch-worthy! How do you know the books are written in Chinese? Could it be that he’s publishing them in Taiwan because it’s cheaper? Lots of books are printed overseas, esp. in China, due to the lower costs.

    You should write a blog entry about Dylan Ward (most likely) trying unsuccessfully to get rid of a wikipedia entry about Robert Wone. His username was RedRidingHood or NurseryRhymes. You probably could still find the discussion on wiki. Something is seriously screwed up about a man in his late 30s who is so stuck in kiddie land. At least Michael Jackson didn’t kill anyone.

  2. David
    01/28/2009 at 8:30 PM

    All of the books come up in the orginal Chinese characters, and I have studies enough mandarin to know they are Chinese (I took two and half years recently, but have been busy with work and haven’t kept it up. Now I am think of starting again)

    The wiki story is fascinating, and you can bet my fellow bloggers and I will follow up. Thanks for the tip.


  3. Doug
    01/28/2009 at 8:34 PM

    Thanks, anonymous, for the Wiki lead. Generally, I find wiki a little shakey – just for these reasons. But it’s always worth pursuing who was editing what entry, and from what computer.

  4. DavidC
    01/30/2009 at 11:07 AM

    The books are a series of preschool to elementary school texts for improving English reading ability. Here is the Google cache of a page with the descriptions:虎姑婆+dylan+ward.

    This establishes nothing about Ward, other than that he lived and worked in Taiwan at some point. The book “Naughty Jack” or “Something About Me” might be windows into his soul, but that is doubtful.

    • susan
      07/08/2010 at 8:25 PM

      I don’t think the information page is still there. It looks like a general info. page for Taiwan/Repub. of China with an English tab for general info. The grid above (on this page) seems to suggest the production of videos and not books, since it looks like time is mentioned and “home studio.” I could be wrong.

      These creations might actually be “windows” into…something.

  5. Anonymous
    02/03/2009 at 7:00 PM

    The guy that created the wiki page on Robert Wone must have been scared to be confronted by a guy who immediately pounces with the threat of blocking, fortunately saved by an angel admin. Many others tried to argue that Wone himself wasn’t notable (thus name of entry changed to murder of X) and remove any reference to gay or lesbian from the lead. Entirely different when the suspect of killing an Asian is a civil rights lawyer instead of a disgruntled Auto worker. Conservatives haven’t picked up on the spin of 3 gays alleged to have killed a straight guy. Ward was so skillful that another wiki editor who dared to be outraged at an assault by gays on the DISCUSSION page was blocked from all editing in any LGBT topic (even “traditional marriage) within 30 hours.

  6. Anonymous
    02/03/2009 at 7:04 PM

    There’s a wealth of theories on Datalounge, which has pretty much convicted all 3 guys even though it’s a gay gossip board. It is alleged that Ward was a “rice queen” with an Asian fetish, this ties into his ties to Taiwan, where he evidently has some support. Ward also comes up in a Simmons newsletter for publishing these books. If the Asian fetish is true, then this will in fact be a case of an assault by gay men against a straight man, and a racially motivated assault on an Asian man. The Asian Week version of this story pretty much whitewashes any mention of the gay angle.

  7. Anonymous
    02/03/2009 at 7:48 PM

    What are you, a doofus who can’t read? The Asianweek article called Zaborsky Price’s partner and referred to Ward as his lover too. Would you have preferred the headline to be “Three [slur for gay men] murder heterosexual Asian American Brutha”?

  8. Suzi
    05/14/2010 at 5:43 PM

    ok I have just read all the info provided and wonder…would this not be premeditated by Ward since it states that this “sleepover” had been arranged up to 2 weeks before…Could it be that Ward felt threatened in his position within this 3 person relationship? Maybe he thought that Wone might be a replacement for him? Maybe he planned to drug Wone on that night and try out some of his S&M cravings….

    Just speculating-Hope that justice is served soon.

  9. Susan
    07/23/2010 at 9:42 PM

    Talk about “books” made me look at the House of the Tiger Aunt books. Synopis translations are courtesy of Google Translations (which, of course, are not accurate, but now at least we have some idea of the book topics). Here are a few:

    Rainbow World
    There was once a star, the planet has three colors red, yellow, blue land mass, above all things to all people and that the color of the three land mass of people do not know each other and do not know that there are other colors on this planet . In the end what happened? Had only three colors to make this planet into a rainbow of the world?

    Some things about me
    The little boy felt his body had changed, big feet, legs, and a large waist, and arm muscles too long. Mouth, nose, eyes and ear lobes and not the same. Even before the high-pitched voice, now becomes low. Children, you are not found their bodies had some change?

    Naughty Jack
    Jack is very naughty, he always loved mischief, so that no one likes school, Jack, and even dogs hate Jack, until Jack transferred to meet new girls, all have changed. Jack in the end how naughty? Is what has happened to the school to restore quiet then? Let us go and see the school into the Jack!

    Love: the best career
    This is a wonderful family, my mother’s career is a school teacher, father is a hospital doctor. What do kids do? Makes the mothers said they are the best teachers, their love is the best course; father said they are the best doctors, their love is the best medicine.

    • Susan
      07/23/2010 at 9:49 PM

      One more:

      Do not forget me

      Precious friendship makes our life full of joy and warmth. Children, you have to be good friends? With you all doing? Story, which countless happy times together and good friends, occasionally angry quarrel. However, because of a move by them to be separated, but the precious friendship will always exist, there will always be memories of each other’s hearts.

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