Legal Documents

The following are copies of selected legal documents associated with the murder of Robert Wone.

NOTE: Beginning in May 2009, we stopped putting documents on this page.  All legal docs from the remainder of the criminal proceedings and what’s been released so far for the civil trial are embedded into their corresponding posts.

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Affidavit in Support of an Arrest Warrant – Dylan Ward

Superseding Affidavit Charging Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky & Dylan Ward

Search Warrants Affidavits

Defendants’ Motion for Pretrial Release

Estate of Robert E. Wone (Katherine E. Wone) v. Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky, Dylan Ward

Plaintiffs’ Requests for Document Production (Discovery), Interrogatories, and Notice of Deposition to Joseph Price and Dylan Ward

Defendants’ Motions to Stay and for a Protective Order

Defendants’ Joint Motions to Stay and for a Protective Order

Plaintiff’s Consolidated Opposition to Defendants’ Motions to Stay and for a Protective Order

Order Granting Motion to Stay Civil Proceedings Pending Criminal Prosecution

Motion for a Bill of Particulars – Dylan Ward

Defendants’ Motion to Compel Discovery

Prosecution Response to Defendants’ Joint Motion to Compel Discovery

Transcript April 24, 2009 Hearing