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Doubting Thomas

… call was delayed rested on the testimony of the housemates’ next door neighbors,  Mr. William Thomas and his wife Claudia.

Establishing a delay in Zaborsky’s 9-1-1 call would’ve been a harpoon in the side of all three former criminal defendants.  A lag of anywhere between fourteen and fifty minutes would have been very incriminating for the threesome, demonstrating a failure to aide their dying friend.

The elderly couple who lived at 1507 Swann Street since 1972, testified on Day …

Comment by NYer: … analysis of the Thomas testimony I found to be …

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The Sunday Funnies

… expense of another longtime wmrw.com staffer.  Sent packing this week was editorial cartoonist Thomas Nasty, another victim of newsroom budget cuts. 

It’s with mixed emotions that we let Thomas go, but that didn’t stop us from rifling his desk drawers for one last contribution.

-posted by Craig with apologies to Bob Weber, Jr.

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Snow Job

… from cabin fever.

The only wmrw.com staffer working this weekend was editorial cartoonist Thomas Nasty.  Impressed by the work on the transcript post, Nasty trades in his poison pen and tries his hand at animation.

-posted by Doug and Craig

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The Sunday Funnies

… in coming weeks. 

Today, making his first contribution to these pages is editorial cartoonist, Thomas Nasty.  He was intrigued that one of the defendants, Dylan Ward, is both a scholar and author of children’s   literature. 

  -posted by Craig

Comment by Clio: … fall back, as Mr. Nasty suggests, there is an unescapable …

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Generation Why Podcast Discusses Robert Wone Murder

The folks at Generation Why discussed the murder of Robert Wone in August. The discussion is thorough and compelling. Take a listen:



Comment by Boofoc: … and Dylan (Ward) Thomas won’t cooperate, it’s …

Ten Years On: Too Long, Too Little

As we write this, ten years ago August 2nd at this very moment, right around 10am, Robert Wone was beginning his workday at Radio Free Asia. He was still getting used to his new-ish position as General Counsel at Radio Free Asia, and his days and evenings were long and full with activity. This day, after a complete day’s work, Robert would attend an evening legal seminar and then, as …

Comment by susan: Dylan “Thomas” is at the Seattle …

Nine Years And Counting

Nine Years Later, No Answers

It’s a dark day to mark. On the evening of August 2, 2006, Robert Wone was slain in the home of his three friends, Joseph Price, Dylan Ward and Victor Zaborsky. The secrets from that evening are locked inside 1509 Swann Street and in the consciences of those three men.

wmrw.com reward posters. Photo courtesy of Washington City Paper

Robert Wone lived …

Comment by nelly: Dylan Michael Thomas or Ward, whatever alias he uses …

Say It Ain’t So Joe, Pt. II

… filings we’d expected have yet to materialize, but the coming months should see the kickoff of a nasty battle over what evidence and testimony makes it to trial. 

Obligatory Moultrie Courthouse Pic

Now that we know the proper pronunciation of ‘in limine,’ we feel like old pros (or paralegals) and are ready to jump into them.

And for you devotees of guest posts, we took “Christine’ up on her offer she made in a comment on Hoya’s essay – to do a statement analysis …

Return Engagement

… unit?

Goslinoski:  No. That’s the job of the ventricles.

Following Grimm was his colleagues Thomas Connolly and David Schertler.  After the jump, how her testimony and findings fared.

Grimm pressed Goslinoski on the stab wounds’ paths (the organs and major vessels) in an effort to elicit her opinion on cadiac tamponade, the filling of the pericardial sac with blood.  The defense has experts lined up who are going to testify that a single stab would to Robert’s heart would’ve …