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Henry Lee Is Back In The Swann Street Saddle

Dr. Henry Lee

Henry Lee wants to get his eyes on the white towel  

When we last heard about Dr. Henry Lee, famed forensic expert for  notorious defendants, now convicts, such as Scott Peterson and Phil Specter, he would be unable to test physical evidence in the Robert Wone case because trial deadlines were interfering with his packed travel schedule. 

In a recent letter to U.S. …

Comment by Nelly: Dr. Lee must not be a member of the …

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State of Sleep?

… from that night because he was the victim.

With the defense offering that Robert died while asleep, let’s see if this situation is more or less consistent with the evidence available to us and the defendant’s statements.  For the purpose of this exercise we assume the defendants statements are true, and even some of the evidence, like Robert’s unsent blackberry e-mail message, are true as well.

According to both Joe and Dylan, who both greeted him upon his arrival, we hear that …

Comment by Bill Orange: … he was sound asleep when he was stabbed.” And …

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…To Sleep, Perchance…

… But the affidavit may offer another explanation: at least three legal drugs are mentioned: a “sleeping pill”, Lexapro and Wellbutrin.

In his statement (page 9), Ward recounts showing Robert upstairs, the bedroom, and the shower, “…and that’s when I went to bed.  I went in my room, I was reading for like five minutes or so, and then I took my sleeping pill and went to bed.”

There are dozens of prescribed sleeping pills, but of course by far the most common is Ambien – …

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Oldies but Goodies?

… — is that the defense intends to fight the case with every weapon available to them.

While Henry Lee does not make a return to Moultrie Courthouse, his opinions will be back from the professionals at Englert Forensic Consultants — Rod Englert and Cherly Kanzer.  Englert is expected to testify that the evidence is consistent with Robert being stabbed in the bed, and with the blood flowing out of his body.  He will also take up the issue that the knife found at the crime scene …

Holder For The Defense

… a key witness at the criminal trial, defendant Dylan Ward’s mother, Diane, the high wattage Dr. Henry Lee and who can forget that other defense expert, you know, the dude with the ketchup stains on his tie.

And maybe  next week we’ll see Cov’s reply to the  D oppo to the P motion to compel depo testimony.  Does Judge Rankin know what he’s gotten himself into?

Price Preliminary Witness List

Ward Preliminary Witness List

Zaborsky Preliminary Witness List

“Sitting On The Sideline”

… the murder, they hired criminal defense lawyers.

Price initially hired solo practitioner Kathleen Voelker, a former Arent Fox partner, but later switched to Grimm, a well-known Washington attorney who has gained a national reputation for his cable TV legal commentary. Zaborsky retained Thomas Connolly, who chairs the litigation practice at Wiltshire & Grannis, and partner Amy Richardson. Ward tapped David Schertler of Schertler & Onorato, a former homicide chief in the U.S. …


… at the time of his murder.  The knife found on the scene, she said – noting testimony from Dr. Henry Lee – was “…used to commit the stabbing…” of Robert.  This replacement of the knife was an important element of the prosecutions case, she said, and they had not proven it.

“It is very likely Mr. Price pulled the knife from the victim’s chest,” she continuted, noting that he may well have tampered with the knife but she couldn’t conclude it beyond reasonable doubt.  …

Day 22: Wrap

… wondered, “The knife looks like it was cleaned off.  What do I do with that?  Why didn’t Henry Lee have an answer for that?  He had one for everything else.”

Leibovitz asked Schertler why Zaborsky posited that it was an intruder on the 9-1-1 call.  Schertler replied that intruder was a natural and understandable assumption to make, and that does not rise to the level of obstruction.  She also raised a hypothetical: if this case involved one person at home and everything else …

Day 19: Wrap

… anymore.  The witness would be on a plane and at the courthouse by tomorrow noon-time.

Dr. Henry Lee departs the courthouse

The first witness of the day was the famous Dr. Henry Lee, the direct led by Bernie Grimm. After a lengthy introduction of Dr. Lee’s credentials, particularly citing Dr. Lee’s role as a distinguished professor and director of the Henry Lee Institute of Forensic Science, he was accepted an an expert witness in the areas of blood pattern analysis and crime …

Comment by Gloria: … the balance. Dr. Lee: My bad for speculating on Friday …

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Day 19: Updates

… wrap of the day hits around 7:30pmET.


11:00AM and 1:30 PM Updates:


Dr. Henry Lee takes the stand qualified as an expert in blood pattern analysis and crime scene reconstruction, under direct questioning by Price counsel Bernie Grimm.   He testified on the towel, the t-shirt, the bed, as well as the results of prosecution expert Douglas Deedrick’s fiber pattern transfer (to the knife) test.


More on Lee’s testimony follows.




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