Big Shoes to Fill

This Saturday,  the American University’s Washington College Of Law will host the Robert E. Wone Judicial Clerkship & Internship Conference.

APABADCThis annual affair offers minority law students  insight and information about judicial clerkships and internships from judges and law clerks.  They will meet judges from federal and state trial, administrative, and appellate courts and hear from law clerks who will describe the work of their courts and their own experiences.

This conference has been held in Washington since 2003. 

The man who first initiated this meeting?  Robert Wone.  He started this after attending a similar event the year before at and ABA meeting.

In 2007, the co-sponsoring organizations which include the Asian Pacific American Bar Association, the Hispanic Bar Association DC, the South Asian Bar Association of DC, and the Washington Bar Association Judicial Council, renamed the conference in Robert’s honor.

John Truong, Assistant US Attorney and past president of the Asian Pacific American Bar Association of DC said the conference would serve as an excellent memorial to Robert.  The conference would:

“…expose minority law students to the benefit that they would gain by having a judicial internship or a clerkship after they graduated from law school… and allows us to carry on his ideals about ensuring that there is diversity in the judicial system.”

We wish this next generation of students the best of luck in their studies and careers.  A very high bar has been set by the conference’s namesake.

For those who wish to help continue Robert’s work and further his legacy, his family established The Robert E. Wone Memorial Trust, in which funds are distributed to some of his favorite projects.  Please send contributions to: HoltzmanVogel PLLC   98 Alexandria Pike, Suite 53   Warrenton, Va.  20186.

We encourage everyone to reach deep and cut a nice check.

-Doug, Michael, David, Craig

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  1. Clio
    10/17/2009 at 5:00 PM

    Thanks, Editors, for this timely reminder of who Robert E. Wone was and of what he accomplished (and could have accomplished if he had not scheduled that stop at 1509 Swann.)

    Anthony Simpson of Richmond won the second annual Robert E. Wone Award for Exemplary Service in October 2008. Has the third annual winner been announced yet? For this Award, see the following link:

    I am guessing that there never will be a Joseph Price Award for anything but being the worst Washington hostess (or perhaps, the worst-dressed defendant.) Culuket was/is definitely not Kay Graham. But I digress …

  2. LJ
    10/18/2009 at 3:22 AM

    I read this site faithfully and sometimes get caught up in the messy details and sordidness of the lives of the three and what did or did not transpire that night. And that makes me forget at times what a wonderful human being Robert Wone was and how tragic his death is. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. Clio
    10/18/2009 at 2:52 PM

    Needham and Di, don’t be shy (about stroking a check for the Wone Trust)! Bernie, you, too! XO Clio.

  4. Anonymous Friend
    10/20/2009 at 6:58 AM

    Thank you. Robert cared deeply about (and dedicated countless hours to serving) many causes, including this conference. I’m so happy to hear that it continues – and I hope it does for years to come.

    Clio, here is an article about the recipient of the Third Annual Robert E. Wone Award for Exemplary Service, Candice Nunnally:

    Congratulations and thanks to Ms. Nunnally!

    Let’s all get inspired to do some good, too!

    • Clio
      10/20/2009 at 12:01 PM

      Kudos to Ms. Nunnally! I am glad to see devotion to the academic Trinity of teaching, research, and service so strong at Virginia Commonwealth, which is yet another reason to love the Old Dominion.

      Stepping out of my own ebony tower, I joined yet another steering committee for yet another cause over the weekend, so I am ready to “let’s roll,” too!

      I am afraid, though, that the only community service that our dear trouple may be doing in the future will be associated with the court system, but even their jaded sensibilities may be jettisoned (at least temporarily) to help someone else besides themselves, thanks to this news. That (and a confession) would be a Christmas miracle!

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