In Their Own Voices

You Can Do It Kid…

The outpouring at Robert’s memorial service was a testament to his rich but all too short life.  For those of us not fortunate to have known him, we draw from what was said by his closest friends and family. 

Sixteen heartfelt eulogies eulogies were delivered that August day; the magnitude of the loss becomes apparent.  Dozens of stories about Robert were shared; many tears were shed but much laughter, too, filled the church.

We were entrusted with the texts and video of the service and we’re honored in being given the opportunity to share both.  Here are excerpts of the two hour service; remarks from one of Robert’s closest friends, his brother Andrew, his wife Kathy and maybe one of the coolest pastors we’ve ever heard, John Slye.  

Since C-SPAN is in our pedigree, we’ll  post the service in its entirety on Friday.


-Doug, Craig, Michael and David

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  1. JJ
    06/04/2009 at 5:26 PM

    This is amazing. Heartbreaking and uplifting

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