Sunday Spotlight

From the Robert Wone Facebook Group

“I want to say that although Robert’s death is an incredible tragedy he has left a positive shine on the lives of many. Robert and I were very close all through elementary school. Although we went to high school together at Junior high we drifted apart.

“I remember how exciting and welcomed I was when I went to Roberts’s house as a child. He had the most incredible Lego city in his basement that matched his incredible imagination. The first day of kindergarten I remember he created this elaborate spaceship out of Bristol blocks that kept me in awe. He always kept me in awe. He was great at everything he did. I know we drifted in part when I was younger because I had some level of jealousy with his success, even though Robert never displayed a shred of arrogance.

“When I learned of Roberts death I looked more into the man he had become, and from my research he seemed to have become everything I would have expected him to become. More than a success in his career but loved by everyone.”

posted on Facebook by Dominic Ricciardi

-the editors

3 comments for “Sunday Spotlight

  1. L.
    03/15/2009 at 11:56 AM

    This is a great post. Let’s not forget about the victim of this twisted crime.

  2. brent
    03/15/2009 at 8:45 PM

    very nice. thanks

  3. Robert A Spiegel, Esq.
    03/17/2009 at 7:41 AM

    N.B. His high school classmates thought that Robert would become the first Asian American President — not unthinkable but now unfulfilled.

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