Step up, sound off, cash in… $25,000 awaits

Although more than two years has passed since Robert’s murder, the reward offer from the DC Metroplitian Police Department still stands.  A call into the MPD’s Public Information Office on Friday confirmed that twenty-five large remains up for grabs for anyone who provides a tip that leads to the murderer’s arrest and conviction.   That’s quite a stimulus package.  Drop the dime on the bad guy(s) and I’ll kick in another grand.    Do I hear thirty?

Dial 866-411-8477.  Operators are standing by.

-Posted by Craig

1 comment for “Step up, sound off, cash in… $25,000 awaits

  1. Stuart
    02/19/2009 at 2:11 AM

    I learned about this case a couple months ago and was angered that I hadn’t heard about it until then.

    I may have been busy that week, but the fact is that it hasn’t received the attention it would have gotten had it involved someone that wasn’t Asian.

    A big thank you goes out to each one of you for bringing this back up and giving it some much-needed visibility and analysis. Keep up the great work.

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