Lest We forget…

While we spend considerable time trying to unravel the many mysteries of this crime and dancing dangerously close to the abyss, we must never forget to honor the memory of its victim or lose sight of those Robert left behind.

The editors of wmrw.com have made a contribution to the trust that was set up after Robert’s passing and we encourage readers here to reach deep and do the same. The Robert E. Wone Memorial Trust is administered by the Virginia law firm of Holtzman Vogel, where Robert’s friend, roommate and ultimately one of pallbearers Jason Torchinsky is a partner. As Jason said on the day of Robert’s funeral, “Today was about remembering the life of a great person and a great human being…” Let us continue to remember.

Donations may be sent to the address below:

The Robert E. Wone Memorial Trust c/o Holtzman Vogel PLLC
98 Alexandria Pike, Suite 53
Warrenton, VA 20186

– Posted by Craig