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In addition to regular updates to the Blog portion of, we are continuing to update and add new information as it is collected and digested. Our Legal Teams page has been updated and now provides background summaries and biographies of the attorneys. Of note, all of the attorneys involved in this case are exceedingly accomplished, with stellar credentials, and experienced in very high profile criminal and civil litigation. Learn more about the Legal Teams here.

– Posted by Michael

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  1. Roger
    10/28/2009 at 12:10 AM

    Could you imagine the reaction if this incident were reversed? A prominent homosexual visits three straight friends and is tortured and savagely murdered. This would have made national headlines. There would have been candle light marches, screams of hate crime and “homophobia”, calls by gay activists for new laws, left wing rags like the Washington Post would run it above the fold on the front page, vicious accusations would have been made against Pat Robertson and his followers, etc. But because the evil doers are three homosexuals their comrades are strangely silent. They and their allies just want this story to quietly go away. If the villains are members of the protected species in the code of political correctness you won’t hear much about it. Its just a statistic that needs to be addressed quietly by law enforcement.

    • Clio
      10/28/2009 at 11:54 AM

      Roger, we’re all protected species in the code of political correctness. As a former comrade of Joe and Dyl in the fight for LGBT equality, I see them as traitors to the ideals of transparency, integration, and inclusion — the honorable code of political correctness — for which they were allegedly advocating. We as a country have advanced so much since the culture wars of the 1990s in terms of seeing gay men as human beings and citizens, and I would hate to have the Three Stooges to give ammunition to reactionaries such as yourself, Roger, and to turn back the clock to a time when the government saw all gays as potential traitors to their country. So, thank you, Editors, for this blog to prevent that hijacking of this case for the tea baggers and wingnuts of the far Right.

      If the situation were reversed, then the coverage would have been even less — if the victim was still male and a person of color. Would straight people maintain a blog dedicated to just one topic for such a hypothetical tragedy? Maybe, but it would not be as good as this one — LOL! Just kidding, on that last point!

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