How Did Robert Wone Die?

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David’s recent post elicited a number of responses, including this question:

Anonymous writes: “do the court documents indicate that he died from stab wounds or were those post-mortem?”

The original affidavit indicting Dylan Ward on obstruction of justice indicates the autopsy was conducted by Dr. Lois Goslinoski, deputy medical examiner for the District of Columbia. According to the coroner’s report, none of the stab wounds – which Dr. Goslinoski un-nervingly found to be “…perfect, slit-like defects” – would “…have killed or even rendered Mr. Wone unconscious immediately.” The three wounds, in order, punctured the pericardial sac into the heart at the aorta’s base, the chest into the right lung, and the gastric region just below the heart.

Curiously, no defense wounds at all were found on Mr. Wone; nor were any signs of physical restraint. Dr. Goslinoski calls this “…significant,” in that anyone who wasn’t otherwise incapacitated (bound, restrained or drugged) would clearly have shown some signs of struggle.

Further, the autopsy found “…a significant amount of internal bleeding as a result of the stab wounds.” Meaning that Mr. Wone was alive “…for a considerable period of time after he was stabbed…” as his internal systems continued to function.

Conclusion: Robert Wone was alive at the time of the stabbing but for some reason showed no signs of fighting back. While the official coroner’s ruling as to cause of death was “…stab wounds of torso and ruled in the manner of a homicide,” Dr. Goslinoski clearly states that Mr. Wone must have been incapacitated – somehow – at the time of his stabbing. Worse, he continued to live for a period of time after the three wounds.

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  1. Anonymous
    02/06/2009 at 5:13 PM

    Are we to understand that between 9:30 pm and around 11:30 pm, Wone traveled from downtown to Swann Street, engaged in small talk with the residents, engaged in some sort of sexual activity that resulted in his semen being found on his body (could have been him by himself, of course), and yet was sufficiently subdued by something (drugs, hypnosis, who knows what) such that he did not respond to three stab wounds. Is there a drug that allows for sexual stimulation/ejaculation, yet makes a person unresponsive to stabbing? To venture a possible timeline, perhaps he OD’d after some sort of sex play (again, possibly by himself after going to his guest room alone). Oddly, all this was on a ‘school night’, mid week. They were heading to work the next day, surely none was planning any ‘partying.’ Even is someone were going to suggest or push some experimentation, it wouldn’t be on a worknight. Truly bizarre.

  2. Bernard
    02/07/2009 at 4:26 AM

    Joe Price is an attoney with Arent Fox, a law firm in copyright matters. I claimed a coppyright violaton for taking material without permissionfrom my newspapewr, The CambodiaDaily, against RFA which Robert Wone, is atorney, rejected with an argument thast may have come from an “expert” like Mr. Price who worked or works for Arent Fox. After Mr. Wone’s death I asked Arent Fox if they could study this case and represnt me, but after posing many questions andd receiving my responses, they refused to help Arent Fox fefused, without explanation, to accept the assignment . Is it because Mr. Price was involved in helping Mr. Wone in rejecting my claim? Is there a way of determining whether Arent Fox is trying to defend Mr. Price, who isimplicated in the murder and can any e-mail communications about my claim ainst RFA beresurrected and provide clues about Arent Fox still protecting Mr. Price and paying him?

    Bernard Krisher
    The Cambodia Daily

  3. Anonymous
    02/07/2009 at 12:28 PM

    Bernard, have you found any law firm that is willing to take your case? If not, that might give you a clue that Arent Fox’s refusal to take your case has everything to do with the weakness of your case and nothing to do with Arent Fox.

    It might also give you a clue that this world does not revolve around you.

    Go away, now.

  4. Anonymous
    02/08/2009 at 10:15 AM

    A large firm is just as likely to decline a client due to conflicts of interest, even if the case has merit. Maybe the firm didn’t think the case had merit, or perhaps they represented RFA or someone adverse to Cambodia Daily at some point. Enough on that.

    However, if Wone had learned something really bad in the course of representing RFA, someone connected to RFA could be worth considering. An adverse party would probably target the client, not the attorney. If Price and co were involved, killing Wone in their home would definately send a message. Maybe Price and co are just waiting for the calvary.

  5. N.M.
    02/18/2009 at 8:06 PM

    Three stab wounds, three men in the relationship.

    I suggest that at least one of them realized that, contrary to someone’s (i.e. Ward’s) deranged fantasy that the drugs administered to Wone would cause him to wake up the next day without remembering a thing that had happened (a common trope in gay porn – the hot straight jock “falls asleep,” the protagonist has sex with him, and the next day the hot straight jock doesn’t remember a thing), Wone either (1) would remember and press charges, (2) was already dying, or (3) mistakenly, was already dead.

    Thinking about the relationship triangle structurally, if Ward committed the initial assault, and Zaborsky freaked out when he walked into the crime scene and saw what Ward did, Price would have feared that Zaborsky would turn Ward in.

    Price would have been the one to convince the other two men that they must each stab Wone once – thereby keeping his longtime partner from turning in his precious rent boy.

    It sounds to me, from the affidavit, that Zaborsky already had misgivings about Ward – at some point he describes Ward dismissively as not having an equal role in the relationship triangle, that the primary or important relationship is between Zaborsky and Price.

    The medical examiner describes wounds that could only have been created by calm, controlled hands. I say – Price created a dynamic of “mutually assured destruction” so that he could keep Ward and Zaborsky. No one can turn the other one in without implicating himself. The one murder weapon would have three sets of fingerprints; worst case scenario, if were to be found they could argue that it can’t be proven which of struck the fatal blow.

    Alternatively, Ward and Price committed the rape and near-fatal assault together and then Price made Zaborsky and Ward stab Mr. Wone once each as a loyalty test.


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