CIA conspiracy theories about the Wone murder

Alex Constantine’s blog, Alex Constantine’s Blacklist, takes an entirely different approach to Robert Wone’s murder.  He implies a much larger conspiracy involving more than the three roommates living at 1509 Swann Street.  He alleges that Radio Free Asia, where Robert Wone had recently taken the position as general counsel at the time of the murder, was a front for the CIA.  He also alleges that Covington & Burling, the law firm where Robert worked prior to joining Radio Free Asia, has strong CIA ties.

Without more information, I am hesitant to take these allegations seriously, but will put the blog forward because of its interesting ideas.  Can anyone confirm, deny, or shed insight on Alex’s allegations?

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  1. Lou Chibbaro Jr.
    01/22/2009 at 4:23 PM

    To David, Doug, & Michael,

    I'd like to chat with you about your blog for a possible story. Our readers would be interested in knowing you're publishing this and what prompted you to do it.

    Lou Chibbaro Jr.
    The Washington Blade

  2. Anonymous
    01/23/2009 at 2:33 AM

    Eh, I saw that blog too and quickly dismissed it as paranoid hogwash. What would be the motive then, or the connection with the CIA? The crime certainly doesn’t look like a professional hit; everything screams inside job- as in committed by someone living inside the house. That is just a diversion concocted by someone who thinks the gov’t is behind everything.

  3. john doe
    02/23/2009 at 8:44 PM

    i dont but the conspiracy theory one bet

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