Wone's Friends Gather

This is a YouTube post, put together by some group using facilities (it seems) in Chapel Hill called “The People’s Channel.” I can only first guess this is a public access group – one of hundreds that attract people deeply committed to a cause or an issue. In this case, bringing pressure to solve the unsolved murder case of Robert Wone.
Part one of four:

Attending and speaking are relatives of Mr. Wone, Eric Holder (nominee for attorney general) and other Wone partisans. Curiously, there is not much video online of Mr. Wone – I say curiously for such an up-and-coming young attorney making his mark in DC. And by that, I draw no conclusions.
As we near this Friday’s hearing at DC Superior Court, it’s again worth revisiting the confusing details set forth in the affidavit against Dylan Ward and the questions that arise from it.
There’s another and deeper question which has also nagged at least at this author. Why, given the bizarre conditions surrounding Mr. Wone’s murder, has the D.C. police department taken so very very long to try this case…and why now only an obstruction of justice charge? I would like to hear from those more familiar with the MPDC as to why this might be taking so long, and following such a contorted path. I have my own guesses, but they are only that. Guesses.