Who murdered Robert Wone?

This blog seeks the truth about and justice for the unsolved murder of Robert Wone.  To fulfill this blog’s mission, it will compile all of the available information surrounding his murder.  This blog takes NO OPINION on who  murdered Robert Wone, but rather seeks to present all available evidence, information, articles which will allow reasonable people to draw their own conclusions. 

For more than two years, the murderer of Robert Wone has escaped the bonds of justice. To that end, this blog is dedicated to compiling any and all viable evidence that surrounds the case. Uncovering the absolute truth about who murdered Robert Wone is the least that the family and friends of Robert deserve.
Further, this blog seeks nothing in return, but instead seeks everything in the name of bringing justice to those who lost a husband, son, brother and friend when Robert Wone was murdered on August 2, 2006 in Washington DC.
— Posted by David

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3 comments for “Who murdered Robert Wone?

  1. 04/15/2009 at 9:49 PM

    Good for you guys. You are brilliant and worthy of praise for doing this.

    As a person whose former partner was gay-bashed and murdered, I apologize for being too harsh, angry, and sarcastic in some of my posts. I’m actually surprised at how much anger I still have about the murder of my partner after all of these years. I’m sorry to sometimes vent it on this noble site. But hopefully I can also contribute toward accomplishing its mission.

    • Ex Swann Dude
      04/15/2009 at 10:47 PM

      Awww, Pookie …

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